TimeLine Details
Proposal received date at each stage of flow.
A. General Details
  (i). Proposal No. : FP/UK/ROAD/16964/2015              (ii). Name of Project for which Forest Land is required : Construction of Arakot-Kalich-Thunara- Damti Motor Road in block Mori, District Uttarkashi. (Km.7.600)              (iii). Short narrative of the proposal and Project/scheme for which the forest land is required : Construction of Arakot-Kalich-Thunara- Damti Motor Road in block Mori, District Uttarkashi. (Km.7.600) required 5.6325 hc forest land are required for road construction to faciliate the villagers of kaleech.village kaleech is famous for apple production etc.this road is very beneficiary to improve s              (iv). File no. : 8b/UCP/06/183/2016              (v). State : Uttarakhand              (vi). Category of the Project : Road              (vii). Shape of forest land proposed to be diverted : Linear              (viii). Area of forest land proposed for diversion(in ha.): 5.6325
B. Time Line
Proposal No.Submitted by User AgencyQuery for Shortcoming(if any) by Nodal OfficerResubmission of Proposal by User AgencyQuery by Nodal Officer for submitting Hard CopiesUploading(by U.A.) of copies of receipt received from DFO & DCDivisionCircleNodal OfficeState GovernmentRegional OfficeStage-I Approval onStage-II Approval on
FP/UK/ROAD/16964/201510/12/201503/05/2016  18/01/2016  30/12/2015   04/05/2016  31/01/2016  15/01/2016   07/02/2016   23/04/2016   Tons,Purola :11/05/2016Yamuna:
  31/05/2016 (Tons,Purola)

By :Regional Office
C. Essential Details Sought History
Communication between Regional Office & State GovernmentCommunication between State Government & Nodal OfficerCommunication between Nodal Officer & CircleCommunication between Circle & DivisionCommunication between Division & User Agency
Query raised by Regional Office (Dehradun) on:05/08/2016  
Replied by State Government(Uttarakhand) on:17/11/2016  
Query raised by State Government (Uttarakhand) on:08/08/2016  
Replied by Nodal Officer (Uttarakhand) on:15/11/2016  
Query raised by Nodal Officer (Uttarakhand) on:08/06/2016  
Replied by Circle(Yamuna) on:24/06/2016  
Query raised by Nodal Officer (Uttarakhand) on:27/06/2016  
Replied by Circle(Yamuna) on:19/07/2016  
Query raised by Nodal Officer (Uttarakhand) on:10/08/2016  
Replied by Circle(Yamuna) on:06/10/2016  
Query raised by Nodal Officer (Uttarakhand) on:14/10/2016  
Replied by Circle(Yamuna) on:17/10/2016  
Query raised by Nodal Officer (Uttarakhand) on:19/10/2016  
Replied by Circle(Yamuna) on:09/11/2016  
Query raised by Circle (Yamuna) on:10/06/2016  
Replied by DFO (Tons,Purola) on:22/06/2016  
Query raised by Circle (Yamuna) on:29/06/2016  
Replied by DFO (Tons,Purola) on:08/07/2016  
Query raised by Circle (Yamuna) on:11/08/2016  
Replied by DFO (Tons,Purola) on:28/09/2016  
Query raised by Circle (Yamuna) on:20/10/2016  
Replied by DFO (Tons,Purola) on:08/11/2016  
Query raised by DFO (Tons,Purola) on:24/08/2016  
Replied by UA on :15/09/2016  
Query raised by DFO (Tons,Purola) on:25/10/2016  
Replied by UA on :28/10/2016  
NOTE:- Stage-I Approval accorded by : Regional Office .
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