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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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Sno.State NameProposal No.RO/Ministry File NumberProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received (at Nodal Officer)electronically onView Report on Allocation of Fresh forest land (Form-A) Part-IView Report (Part-II to Part-V and Stage-I Clearances) View TimeLine DetailsOther Related Documents
1 Maharashtra FP/MH/WATER/23888/2017 Atpadi 53 Villages Water Supplay Scheme Drinking Water MAHARASHTRA JEEVAN PRADHIKARAN MUMBAI 0.1736 Pending at CF/CCF
01 Feb 2017
2 Haryana FP/HR/Others/23682/2017 HP Gas Cylinder storage Godown Others HPCL JIND LPG REGIONAL OFFICE JIND 0.003 Pending at CF/CCF
27 Jan 2017
3 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/23660/2017 Forest Land Proposed to be diverted for Exit/Entry of HPCL Retail Outlet on Shahganj-Badlapur Road (SH-7), At Khasra No-311,Village:- Govaraha, Pargana-Anguli, Tehsil:- Shahganj, District:- Jaunpur Others HPCL VARANASI RETAIL REGIONAL OFFICE 0.075 Pending at CF/CCF
18 Jan 2017
4 Punjab FP/PB/Others/23585/2017 Retail outlet of IOCL at village Jandyali Others Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) 0.008322 Pending at CF/CCF
11 Jan 2017
11 Jan 2017
6 Rajasthan FP/RJ/Others/23548/2017 Govind Guru Rastriya Janjati Sangrahalya Mangarh Dham, Anandpuri, Banswara Others EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PWD DN GARHI 5.06 Pending at CF/CCF
10 Jan 2017
7 Haryana FP/HR/ROAD/23531/2017 Detail estimate by providing widening on Gurgaon-Farrukhnagar-Jhajjar road to Jhanjrola km. 0.00 to 2.550 in Gurgaon Distt. (Road ID:3129) Road PMGSY 0.469 Pending at CF/CCF
09 Jan 2017
8 Haryana FP/HR/ROAD/23529/2017 Detail estimate by providing widening on Gurgaon-Farrukhnagar-Wazirpur road to Khaitwas/Saidpur Km. 0.000 to 1.200 in Gurgaon Distt. (Road ID:3152) Road PMGSY 0.22 Pending at CF/CCF
09 Jan 2017
9 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/23483/2017 proposal for laying OFC for Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited 4G Bhavnagar District Others RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LTD 1.4715 Pending at CF/CCF
06 Jan 2017
10 West Bengal FP/WB/Others/22966/2016 "Mega Tourism Project" at Tarapith Others DISTRICT COLLECTOR BIRBHUM 14.682 Pending at CF/CCF
04 Jan 2017
11 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/23350/2016 C/o Jhinjnoo to Sharog road Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 1.5233 Pending at CF/CCF
29 Dec 2016
12 Maharashtra FP/MH/Others/23324/2016 CONSTRUCTION OF PETROL PUMP AT SONGIR Others UJJWALA RAMAN GAVIT 0.97 Pending at CF/CCF
28 Dec 2016
13 Punjab FP/PB/Others/23259/2016 TAJ PALACE BUDHLADA Others TAJ PALACE BUDHLADA 0.0051 Pending at CF/CCF
24 Dec 2016
14 Madhya Pradesh FP/MP/IRRIG/22945/2016 Bhasuda nalla project Irrigation WRD MP 21.655 Pending at CF/CCF
14 Dec 2016
15 Manipur FP/MN/ROAD/23040/2016 Construction of Moreh Bypass from NH-102 near Indo- Myanmar Border to Land Custom Port of India to Bypass Moreh Town, Manipur Road NHIDCL BO IMPHAL 6.552 Pending at CF/CCF
14 Dec 2016
16 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/HYD/23007/2016 Salti Masrang Hydro Electric project 24 MW Hydel SALTI MASRANG HEP 0.6431 Pending at CF/CCF
13 Dec 2016
17 Punjab FP/PB/Others/22988/2016 Proposed Essar Retail Outlet at Vill. Thehri-1 Others PROPOSED RETAIL OUTLET VILL THEHRI 0.09406 Pending at CF/CCF
10 Dec 2016
18 Punjab FP/PB/ROAD/22962/2016 Morinda-Chuuni road (ODR-13) from KM 0 to 16.35 B/S Road CONSTN DIVN NO II PWD B AND R MOHALI AT FGS 3.21 Pending at CF/CCF
09 Dec 2016
19 Gujarat FP/GJ/ROAD/22924/2016 Four Lane Bharuch - Ankleshwar Old NH8 Road R AND B BHARUCH 3.078 Pending at CF/CCF
07 Dec 2016
20 Jharkhand FP/JH/ROAD/22880/2016 Construction, Rehabilitation and two laning with paved shoulder of Pachamba-Jamua-Sarwan-Chatro Road in the state of Jharkhand Road RCD GIRIDIH 3.52 Pending at CF/CCF
05 Dec 2016
21 Haryana FP/HR/Others/22845/2016 Grain Market Others HARYANA STATE AGRICULURAL MARKETING BOARD 0.0132 Pending at CF/CCF
03 Dec 2016
22 Haryana FP/HR/IRRIG/22593/2016 For Laying RCC Pipeline Irrigation SUB DIVISION OFFICER WATER SERVICES SUB DIVISION PEHOWA 13.51 Pending at CF/CCF
26 Nov 2016
24 Nov 2016
24 Rajasthan FP/RJ/Others/22529/2016 Alwar-Thanagaji OFC Route Others DGM TELECOM PROJECT JAIPUR BSNL 0.317925 Pending at CF/CCF
23 Nov 2016
25 Haryana FP/HR/Others/22524/2016 PROPOSED HPCL OF RETAIL OUTLET ON SIWANI-SINGHANI ROAD(SH-19), NEAR KM. STONE 106 (LHS) VILLAGE SINGHANI, TEHSIL LOHARU, DISTT. BHIWANI (HARYANA) Others Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited 0.012 Pending at CF/CCF
23 Nov 2016
26 Haryana FP/HR/WATER/22393/2016 Laying of Drinking water pipe line Drinking Water PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT REWARI 0.92 Pending at CF/CCF
18 Nov 2016
27 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/22309/2016 Gas Distribution Network in Amreli City & Surrounding Area (Amreli Ringline) Others GUJARAT GAS LIMITED 0.3861 Pending at CF/CCF
14 Nov 2016
28 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/Others/21078/2016 Construction of Market yard at Anni District Kullu Others APMC KULLU AND LAUHAL SPITI 0.7888 Pending at CF/CCF
09 Nov 2016
29 Haryana FP/HR/Others/22184/2016 HP GAS GODOWN Others HP GAS GODOWN 0.0185 Pending at CF/CCF
05 Nov 2016
30 Haryana FP/HR/Others/22128/2016 Kalka-Baddi Optical Fiber Cable Others BSNL TP SHIMLA 0.92385 Pending at CF/CCF
04 Nov 2016
31 Haryana FP/HR/Others/22158/2016 Chandigarh-Baddi Optical Fiber Cable Laying Others BSNL TP SHIMLA 0.2196 Pending at CF/CCF
04 Nov 2016
32 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/22172/2016 C/o Sanei to Shandal road Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 1.2177 Pending at CF/CCF
04 Nov 2016
33 Punjab FP/PB/Others/22167/2016 HPCL Retail Outlet Vill. Channu Others HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORP. LTD. 0.006625 Pending at CF/CCF
04 Nov 2016
34 Punjab FP/PB/Others/22164/2016 L.P.G GODOWN Others NEHA SHARMA 0.134 Pending at CF/CCF
03 Nov 2016
35 Maharashtra FP/MH/VELEC/21964/2016 33/11 kv substation at Ankale Tal-Jat Dist Sangli MSEDCL Village Electricity MAHARASHTRA STATE ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION CO 0.8877 Pending at CF/CCF
24 Oct 2016
36 Haryana FP/HR/Others/21980/2016 Laying of OFC for BBNL of various villages of Mahendergarh district Others BSNL NARNAUL 0.02792 Pending at CF/CCF
20 Oct 2016
37 Haryana FP/HR/ROAD/21972/2016 Const. of road Mgarh Satnali road to Madhogarh Fort Road PWD B AND R NARNAUL 1.87 Pending at CF/CCF
19 Oct 2016
38 Haryana FP/HR/ROAD/21969/2016 Const. of road Mgarh Satnali road to Baba Ramphal Dass temple Road PWD B AND R NARNAUL 1.8 Pending at CF/CCF
19 Oct 2016
39 Punjab FP/PB/TRANS/21942/2016 66KV Patran to Dirba Line Transmission Line ADDL S E TL DIV PSPCL PATIALA 0.07785 Pending at CF/CCF
18 Oct 2016
40 Haryana FP/HR/MIN/21870/2016 Const. of path in aravali area Mining MS MAA SANTOSHI KHANIJ UDYOG 0.6065 Pending at CF/CCF
12 Oct 2016
41 Tamil Nadu FP/TN/Others/21809/2016 Fish landing Centre at Annamalaichery village Others FISHERIES DEPARTMENT 0.335 Pending at CF/CCF
07 Oct 2016
42 Karnataka FP/KA/Others/21722/2016 Panchayath office Building Others GRAM PANCHAYAT 0.809 Pending at CF/CCF
04 Oct 2016
43 Gujarat FP/GJ/ROAD/21644/2016 Ankleshwsar-Jhagadia-Q,pjpipla Road Road EXICUTIVE ENGINEER 17.15 Pending at CF/CCF
28 Sep 2016
44 Kerala FP/KL/Others/21287/2016 KTDC Ltd., Provision of accommodation and other services to the visitors Others KERALA TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD., 8.58 Pending at CF/CCF
26 Sep 2016
45 Maharashtra FP/MH/Others/21569/2016 Diversion of 0.1009 ha For Road & Electric line for crusher Others VAIJAYANTI RAMCHANDRA PATIL 0.1009 Pending at CF/CCF
23 Sep 2016
46 Haryana FP/HR/ROAD/21519/2016 Diversion of extra forest strip of land of 1.4603 hectares for Four laning of Yamunanagar-Panchkula PKG-2 coming under Ambala Forest Division Road NHAI PIU CHANDIGARH 1.4603 Pending at CF/CCF
20 Sep 2016
47 Haryana FP/HR/ROAD/21510/2016 Four laning of UP/Haryana Border Yamunanagar-Saha-Barwala-Panchkula Section of NH-73 from km. 70.830 to km. 115.400 in the State of Haryana under EPC Mode (Pkg-1) Road NHAI PIU CHANDIGARH 0.31 Pending at CF/CCF
20 Sep 2016
48 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/21508/2016 Gas Distribution Network in Amreli City & Surroundings ( Amreli Connectivity) Others GUJARAT GAS LIMITED 0.1285 Pending at CF/CCF
20 Sep 2016
49 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/21357/2016 Diversion of Forest land for construction of link road to petrol pump in District Sitapur on right side of Sitapur-Lakheempur road road between km 84-85 Others BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED 0.06776 Pending at CF/CCF
13 Sep 2016
50 Haryana FP/HR/Others/21164/2016 M/S MAAN BROTHERS COLD STORAGE Others MAAN BROTHERS COLD STORAGE 0.008 Pending at CF/CCF
12 Sep 2016
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