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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
Using this report, you can view details of proposals (Received on or after 15th July 2014) . Click on Proposal no to view detail of FORM-B part I. Click on   to print
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received electronically at RO/HOView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-IView Report (Part-II to Part-V and Stage-I Clearances) View TimeLine DetailsOther Related Documents
1 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/69388/2020 Construction and maintenance of road from T02 Boniyar to Maidanan, Stage-U, Package No. JK03-2002, PMGSY-II (L=9.20km)” Road CHIEF ENGINEER, PMGSY, KASHMIR 0.27 IN-PRINCIPLE
2 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/49090/2020 Up-gradation and maintenance of road from L049-Shiva Kharma Road CHIEF ENGINEER, PMGSY, KASHMIR 1.905 IN-PRINCIPLE
3 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/49091/2020 -gradation and maintenance of road from L041-Zaloora to Gujjerpathi Road CHIEF ENGINEER, PMGSY, KASHMIR 1.35 IN-PRINCIPLE
4 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/117800/2020 Construction of Road From Shikari To Bhaller, Package No. JK14-441, Stage 1st,Phase Xth. Road CHIEF ENGINEER PMGSY JAMMU 6.05 IN-PRINCIPLE
5 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/153510/2022 Construction of Bhajwal Peli border road under CRF by PWD Division Nowshera Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PWD (R&B) DIVISION NOWSHERA 1.762 IN-PRINCIPLE

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18 Nov 2022
6 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/46676/2020 Construction of Road Neota to manwah Dispensary in Km 9th and 10th Road R&B DEPARTMENT JAMMU 0.225 IN-PRINCIPLE
7 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/46928/2020 Construction of Road from Dhamunda More to Jai Via. Manthla Kakol. Road R&B DEPARTMENT JAMMU 2.94 IN-PRINCIPLE
8 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/VELEC/146784/2021 Rural Electrification Works under DDUGJY,DDUGJY-Xii and PMDP scheme in District Ramban. Village Electricity EXECUTIVE ENGINEER ELECTRIC DIVISION BATOTE 1.46 IN-PRINCIPLE
9 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/157064/2022 Construction Of Road from Bawa To Mangit Road PWD R&B JAMMU 1.05 IN-PRINCIPLE
10 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/VELEC/153465/2022 Laying shifting of new 11kv line from danddoroo to sewarbhati Village Electricity JAMMU POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LIMITED 2.982 IN-PRINCIPLE

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30 Sep 2022
11 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/TRANS/143878/2021 Re-alignment of 220 kv KPTL & 132 KV CSTL for the four lanning of National Highway 44 between Ramban - Banihal Section Transmission Line EXECUTIVE ENGINEER TLMD 3 UDHAMPUR 0.339 IN-PRINCIPLE
12 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/143592/2021 Improvement/Widening of Lakhanpur Thein Road RD 12/700 to RD 17/100 Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PWD R&B KATHUA 3.386 IN-PRINCIPLE
13 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/144993/2021 Alternate road to Adit-II of Sewa-II Power Station Road NHPC LTD SEWA-II POWER STATION 1.6 IN-PRINCIPLE
14 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/48778/2020 Construction of Road From Ganjote to Phallni-II Package No JK 14-572 Road CHIEF ENGINEER PMGSY JAMMU 14.31 IN-PRINCIPLE
15 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/45750/2020 Construction of Road Kutyara to Kansar Via,. Haddal. by PWD(R&B) in Bhaderwah forest Division. Road R&B DEPARTMENT JAMMU 0.25 IN-PRINCIPLE
16 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/149333/2021 Construction of link road from Udhyanpur to Rai Sarwala km 1st to 5th. Road PWD R&B SPL SUB DIVISION DODA 0.301 IN-PRINCIPLE
17 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/157238/2022 Construction of phase 2nd of ongoing Road from Katyara to Kansar via Haddal from House of Sh. Rattan Lal village Lower Haddal to Village Bharai via village Upper Haddal Road PWD(R&B) DIVISION BHADERWAH 0.165 IN-PRINCIPLE
18 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/45646/2020 Tanda to Kapai Di Bhan part 2 Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PMGSY DIVISION JAMMU 1.36 IN-PRINCIPLE
19 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/46769/2020 Road from Trembli to Dheota (JK07-87) Road PIU KATHUA 10.385 IN-PRINCIPLE
20 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/156153/2022 Construction of the road from Narore to Kainthgali under NABARD Road ASSTT. EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PWD(R&B) SUB DIVISION MAJALTA 1.109 IN-PRINCIPLE
21 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/Others/153273/2022 Construction of Treasury Building at Bani Others DIRECTOR ACCOUNTS & TREASURIES JAMMU 0.05 IN-PRINCIPLE

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27 Sep 2022
22 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/52199/2020 RIAR TO BAGGAN (PART-II) Road PIU BILLAWAR 0.855 IN-PRINCIPLE
23 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/47637/2020 MALHAR TO MARHOON (PART-I) Road PIU BILLAWAR 6.938 IN-PRINCIPLE
24 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/138548/2021 Construction of road from Mantlai to Gamsadu Road EE PMGSY UDH 0.78 IN-PRINCIPLE
25 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/Others/43723/2020 Installation of Stone Crusher Others BORDER ROADS ORGANISATION 0.75 IN-PRINCIPLE
26 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/53754/2020 Upgradation and Maintenence of Road T03-Soyan Sunbrabrie (Waste Plastic) Package No. Jk01-2002 PMGSY-II (Batch-I,2019-20) Road CHIEF ENGINEER, PMGSY, KASHMIR 0.3 IN-PRINCIPLE
27 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/WATER/118915/2021 WSS UPPER DANDIPORA Drinking Water CHIEF ENGINEER 0.15 IN-PRINCIPLE
28 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/121072/2021 Upgradation of Road from Kotli To Shikari. Road CHIEF ENGINEER PMGSY JAMMU 0.5975 IN-PRINCIPLE
29 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/45122/2020 construction of link road Panditgam to Chanseri Road R&B DEPARTMENT JAMMU 0.4178 IN-PRINCIPLE
30 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/46486/2020 Bhara to Mandhir Mohalla Godha road package IV Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER (PIU) PMGSY DIVISION DODA 0.815 IN-PRINCIPLE
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