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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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1 Rajasthan FP/RJ/HYD/121439/2021 8-25/2023-FC Construction of Shahpur (1800 MW) Pumped Storage Project by M/s Greenko Energies Private Limited, in Hanumanthkhera, Mungawali villages, G.P.-Mundiyar , Tehsil-Shahbad , Baran District , Rajasthan Hydel GREENKO ENERGIES PRIVATE LIMITED 407.8227 IN-PRINCIPLE

EDS(Addl. Info) :
17 Oct 2023

EDS(Addl. Info) :
12 Feb 2024

Copy of SIR uploaded :
06 Feb 2024

Proposal Status: EC application yet to be submitted
2 Rajasthan FP/RJ/Others/150590/2021 8-05/2022-FC Diversion of 466.592 ha. Forest land for Construction of New Green Field Airport Kota, District- Bundi in the State of Rajasthan Others AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA KOTA 466.592 IN-PRINCIPLE

17 Jun 2022

EDS to IRO :
17 Jun 2022

OM :
05 Sep 2022

SIR received :
18 Aug 2022

brief agenda :
23 Dec 2022

Proposal Status: EC application yet to be submitted
3 Rajasthan FP/RJ/REHAB/21882/2016 8-61/2017-FC Village Relocation Rehabilitation CHIEF WILDLIFE WARDEN JAIPUR 100 IN-PRINCIPLE

Factsheet :
24 Jan 2018

Requested SIR:
15 Nov 2017

Copy of SIR uploaded by Regional Office on:
02 Jan 2018

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