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Sno.Proposal No.State NameProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal Received onView Report of Part-I & IIView TimeLine Details
1 FP/RJ/Others/2470/2018 Rajasthan To lay the OPTICAL Fibre cable to connect Atal Seva Kendras ( Maharajpur, Nibhera, Rahar and Daulatpura Gram Panchayat ) for Providing Broadband Connectivity from Maharajpur to Rahar & Daulatpura to Tekhuti under BharatNet Project of Govt. Of India Others BSNL SAWAIMADHOPUR 1.3737 Chief Wildlife Warden
25 Apr 2018
2 FP/RJ/Others/32579/2018 Rajasthan To lay the Optical Fibre cable from Andhi Mod to Mehangi Atal Seva Kendra under BHARATNET PROJECT Others BSNL JAIPUR 0.4169 Chief Wildlife Warden
27 Mar 2018
3 FP/UP/Others/2416/2018 Uttar Pradesh 1-Constructon of 36.00 M Soti Bridge 840.40 M Main Bridge of Ganga river at Chetawala Ghat Near Bhikund Hastinapur Tehsil Mawana Distt. Meerut and construction of 70.88 M Kala Sote Bridge of Gangar river at Chetawala Ghat Bhikund near village Narnour tehsil Chandpur in Distt Bijnor Others UP STATE BRIDGE CORPORATION LIMITED 0.8052 Chief Wildlife Warden
22 Mar 2018
4 FP/RJ/MIN/2377/2018 Rajasthan Mining of Millstone and masonry stone (minor mineral) including Khanda, Gitti and Boulders occurring as overburden and inter-burden with enhancement of production capacity from 1093 TPA to 7.5 million TPA (ROM) from ML No. 39/1990 area 964.94 ha (proposed mining area only 455.33 ha) by M/s A Milnstone Pvt. Ltd., located at village (s) Kandoli, Ghat Mining A MILNSTONE PVT LTD 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
16 Mar 2018
5 FP/UP/Others/2248/2018 Uttar Pradesh Proposed Establishment of IOCL Retail Outlet Under Kisan Seva Kendra Scheme in Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary on RamrajHastinapur Road(NayagaonMakdupur) in KM.06 (LHS) IN Non Protected Land at Village: Rathaura Khurd, Khasra No.188/3 Tehsil: Mawana District: Meerut Others Indian Oil Corporation Limited 0.177 Chief Wildlife Warden
21 Feb 2018
6 FP/RJ/TRANS/28622/2017 Rajasthan Babai (RRPVNL) - Bhiwani (PG) 400kV D/C Transmission Line Transmission Line NRSS XXXVI TRANSMISSION LIMITED 7.452 Chief Wildlife Warden
16 Feb 2018
7 FP/TN/HYD/2131/2018 Tamil Nadu Papanasam Diversion Weir Reservoir Hydel TAMIL NADU ELECTRICITY BOARD 45.23 Chief Wildlife Warden
01 Feb 2018
8 FP/UP/ROAD/2111/2018 Uttar Pradesh Proposal for construction of approach road and Guide Bundh of Ganga River Bridge at Chetawala Ghat near Bhikund Hastinapur Tehsil Mawana Distt. Meerut and Tehsil Chandpur District Bijnor within the area of Hastinapur Wild Life Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PD PWD MEERUT 11.146 Chief Wildlife Warden
30 Jan 2018
9 FP/MH/Others/2034/2018 Maharashtra City Gas Distribution Network in Palghar & Thane District Others GUJARAT GAS LIMITED 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
03 Jan 2018
10 FP/UP/Others/1989/2017 Uttar Pradesh RURAL OUTLET/ PETROLPUMP Others RURAL OUTLET HPCL 0.16 Chief Wildlife Warden
27 Dec 2017
11 FP/AP/TRANS/24593/2017 Andhra Pradesh 220KV PORUMAMILLA LINE Transmission Line EE CONSTRUCTION KDP 6.34 Chief Wildlife Warden
18 Dec 2017
12 FP/TN/QRY/1840/2017 Tamil Nadu G.Murugesan,Earth Soil Quarry Quarrying G MURUGESAN 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
21 Oct 2017
13 FP/RJ/Others/21735/2016 Rajasthan Extention of Kolana air strip at Jhalawar Others PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT JHALAWAR 120.4062 Chief Wildlife Warden
18 Oct 2017
14 FP/TN/QRY/1833/2017 Tamil Nadu Sangamam Quarry Quarrying SANGAMAM QUARRY 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
14 Oct 2017
15 FP/RJ/ROAD/28829/2017 Rajasthan Road Repair From Akeda Doonger to Sisyawas Road Km 0/0 to 3/400 Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.2678 Chief Wildlife Warden
01 Sep 2017
16 FP/RJ/IND/1782/2017 Rajasthan NBWL Clearance for All units of DCM Shriram, Kota Complex at Shriram Nagar Industrial Area, Kota, Rajasthan. Industry DCM SHRIRAM LTD 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
31 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017
18 FP/RJ/Others/1769/2017 Rajasthan Vodafone Mobile Services Limited Others VODAFONE MOBILE SERVICES LIMITED 0.148 Chief Wildlife Warden
22 Aug 2017
19 FP/TN/QRY/1695/2017 Tamil Nadu W Pudupatti Red Earth Quarry Quarrying GEO EXPLORATION AND MINING SOLUTION 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
24 Jun 2017
20 FP/TN/QRY/1686/2017 Tamil Nadu Tvl. N M Granites Private Limited Quarrying N M GRANITES PRIVATE LIMITED 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
19 Jun 2017
21 FP/TN/QRY/1685/2017 Tamil Nadu Mahaboof Sharif Multi Colour Granite Quarry Quarrying MAHABOOF SHARIF 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
19 Jun 2017
22 FP/TN/QRY/1682/2017 Tamil Nadu Tvl. Vaigai Granites Quarrying TVL VAIGAI GRANITES 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
19 Jun 2017
23 FP/TN/QRY/1680/2017 Tamil Nadu Loganathan Multi Colour Granite Quarry Quarrying LOGANATHAN QUARRY 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
19 Jun 2017
24 FP/MH/IND/1665/2017 Maharashtra Aarav Fragrances & Flavors Pvt. Ltd., Gut no 150, 151, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 239, 242, 282, 285, 286, 287, 289, 290, 291, 292, 293, 294, 295, 296, Village Jamghar- Lakhmapur, Tal. Wada, Dist. Palghar, Maharashtra Industry AARAV FRAGRANCES & FLAVORS PVT. LTD. 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
07 Jun 2017
25 FP/TN/QRY/1635/2017 Tamil Nadu D S Sundaraiah Quarry Quarrying AVS TECH BUILDING SOLUTIONS HOSUR 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
06 May 2017
26 FP/MH/IRRIG/1601/2017 Maharashtra Channaka-Korata (Rudha) barrage on Penganga river -Interstate Irrigation Project, Adilabad District of Telangana Irrigation IRRIGATION DEPTT 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
17 Apr 2017
27 FP/TN/Others/1570/2017 Tamil Nadu Construction of North Cargo Berth-III, North Cargo Berth-IV and dredging in front of North Cargo Berth-II, North Cargo Berth-III and North Cargo Berth-IV at V.O.Chidambaranar Port, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu Others V.O.CHIDAMBARANAR PORT TRUST 151 Chief Wildlife Warden
25 Mar 2017
28 FP/TN/QRY/1417/2017 Tamil Nadu TAMIN Black Granite Quarry Quarrying M/S. TAMIL NADU MINERALS LIMITED 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
20 Feb 2017
29 FP/RJ/RAIL/1335/2017 Rajasthan Replacement of paper quad RE cable by jelly field 6 quad cable in kota - shamgarh section and other associate telecom works in kota - nagda section kota division of west central railway Railway DSTE TELE KOTA WEST CENTRAL RAILWAY 0.27 Pending With CF
14 Feb 2017
30 FP/TN/QRY/1200/2017 Tamil Nadu VV MInerals, Rough stone Quarry Quarrying VV MINERALS 0 Chief Wildlife Warden
20 Jan 2017