TimeLine Details
Proposal received date at each stage of flow.
A. General Details
  (i). Proposal No. : FP/CG/OFC/116946/2020   (ii). Name of Project for which Forest Land is required : JIO DIGITAL FIBRE PRIVATE LIMITED, Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve Division in Chhattisgarh Laying of OFC along with RoW (Road Corridor) under Chhattisgarh   (iii). Short narrative of the proposal and Project/scheme for which the forest land is required : Jio Digital Private Ltd., Raipur, Laying Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) along with Row (Road Corridor) under Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve Division under Chhattisgarh   (iv). State : Chhattisgarh   (v). Category of the Project : Optical Fibre Cable   (vi). Shape of forest land proposed to be diverted : Linear   (vii). Area of forest land proposed for diversion(in ha.): 1.068
B. Time Line
Submitted by User AgencyQuery for Shortcoming(if any) by Wildlife WardenResubmission of Proposal by User AgencyQuery by Wildlife Warden for submitting Hard CopiesUploading(by U.A.) of copies of receipt received from Wildlife WardenWildlife WardenChief Wildlife WardenState Government/SBWLFinal Disposal
24/06/202201/07/2022   01/07/2022   01/07/2022   01/07/2022 Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve Gariyaband :01/07/2022Chhattisgarh (Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve Gariyaband):  01/07/2022
C Essential Details Sought History
Communication between MoEFCC(WL),New Delhi & State GovernmentCommunication between State Government & Chief Wildlife WardenCommunication between Chief Wildlife Warden & Wildlife WardenCommunication between Wildlife Warden & User Agency
NOTE:- Proposal is pending at Chief Wildlife Warden .
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