Form for seeking prior approval of Central Government under section 2 of the Forest(Conservation) Act,1980 for Diversion of fresh forest area
(To be filled up by User Agency)
A. General Details
A-1. Project Details
  (i). Proposal No. : FP/UK/Others/37468/2018   (ii). Name of Project for which Forest Land is required : Construction of Ground for Training of Home Guard Trainees   (iii). Short narrative of the proposal and Project/scheme for which the forest land is required : The Project will be constructed for Parade Ground for the academy/ Training center for Uttarakhand Home Guards cadets and will be considered as a big achievement in view of security for the Uttarakhand Governtment in the field of Police Administration, Traffic Management etc.   (iv). State : Uttarakhand   (v). Category of the Proposal : Others   (vi). Shape of forest land proposed to be diverted : Non Linear   (vii). Estimated cost of the Project(Rupees in lacs) : 20   (viii). Area of forest land proposed for diversion(in ha.): 0.812   (ix). Non-forest land required for this project(in ha.): 0   (x). Total period for which the forest land is proposed to be diverted(in years): 100
A-2. Details of User Agency
  (i). Name : COMMANDANT DISTRICT TRAINING CENTER HOME GUARDS SRINAGAR GARHWAL   (ii). Address1 : Commandant District Training Center Home Guard Srikot Ganganali Srinagar Garhwal   (iii). Address2 : NIL   (iv). State : Uttarakhand   (v). District : Pauri Garhwal   (vi). Pin : 246174   (vii). Landmark : Srinagar Garhwal   (viii). Email address :   (ix). Landline Telephone No. : 1346-244612   (x). Fax No. : 1346-   (xi). Mobile No. : 9760468899   (xii). Website (if any) : NIL   (xiii). Legal status of User Agency : State Government
A-3. Details of Person Making Application
  (i). First Name: Gautam   (ii). Middle Name: NIL   (iii). Last Name: Kumar   (iv). Gender: Male   (v). Designation: CommandentDTC   (vi). Address 1: Commandent DTC Home Guard Srikot Ganganali Srinagar Garhwal   (vii). Address 2: NIL   (viii). State: Uttarakhand   (ix). District: Pauri Garhwal   (x). Tehsil: Srinagar   (xi). Pin: 246174   (xii). Landmark: Srinagar Garhwal   (xiii). Email Address:   (xiv). Landline Telephone No.: 1346-244612   (xv). Fax No.: NIL   (xvi). Mobile No.: 9760468899   (xvii). Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency:
B. Details of land required for the Project
B-1. Details of proposal seeking prior approval of Central Government under the Act for diversion of forest land for the Project already submitted in the past
List of proposal submitted in Past Proposal Status. Proposal No. Moef File No. Area Proposed for Diversion(Ha.) Area Diverted(Ha.) Date of In-Principle Approval Date of Final Approval
B-2. Details of forest land proposed to be diverted
B-2.1 Details of Divisions involved
Details of Divisions involved Division Name Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
B-2.2 Details of Districts involved
District wise breakup District Name Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
1.Pauri Garhwal0.8120
B-2.3 Village wise breakup
Villages wise breakup Village Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
1Srikot ganganali0.8120
Total 0.812 0
B-2.4 Component wise breakup
Component wise breakup Component Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
1onstruction of gaurund for treaing of homeguards0.8120
Total 0.812 0
C. Maps of forest land proposed to be diverted
Division 1. : Garhwal,Pauri
  (i). Area of forest land proposed to be diverted(in ha.) : 0.812   (ii). Nature of the Project: Non Linear   (a). No. of patches : One
Patch wise details
Patch No. Area of Patch(in ha.) Kml File of PatchesTo view KML file on google the same may be downloaded and then open if in google earth install in your computer.
1.0.812    View File
  (iii). Copy of Survey of India Toposheet indicating boundary of forest land proposed to be diverted:   (iv). Scanned copy of the Geo-referenced map of the forest land proposed to be diverted prepared by using GPS or Total Station:
D. Justification for locating the Project in forest land and details of alternatives examined:
  (i). Copy of note containing justification for locating the Project in forest land:
E. Employment likely to be generated
  (i). Whether the Project is likely to generate employment ?: Yes   (ii). Permanent/Regular Employment(Number of persons): 0   (iii). Temporary Employment(Number of person-days): 200
F. Displacement of People due to the Project, if any
  (i). Whether Project involves displacement?: No
G. Details of Cost-Benefit analysis for the Project
  (i). Whether the Project requires Cost-Benefit analysis?: No
H. Status of Environmental Clearance
  (i). Whether the Project requires Clearance under the Environment (Protection) Act 1986 ? : No
I. Status of Wildelife Clearance
  (i). Whether the Project or a part thereof is located in any Protected Area or their Eco sensitive zone? : No
J. Applicability of special provisions governing Scheduled Areas
  (i).Whether the Project or a part thereof is located in a Scheduled Area? : No
K. Status of settlement of rights under the Forest Rights Act,2006 on the forest land proposed to be diverted
  (i). Whether the process for settlement of Rights under the Forest Rights Acts 2006 on the forest land proposed to be diverted has been completed? : Yes   (a). Copy of documentry evidence in support of settlement of rights under the Forest Rights Act,2006 on the forest land proposed to be diverted:
L. Details of land identified for Compensatory Afforestation
  (i). Whether non-forest or Revenue forest land is required to be provided by User Agency?: Not Applicable   (ii). Whether the area of non-forest land or Revenue forest land required to be provided by User Agency for raising Compensatory Afforestation is less than area of forest land proposed to be diverted ?: Not Applicable   (iii) . Reason for not providing Non-Forest Land: Not Applicable
Additional information Details
S.No Documents
1First page
3Fact Sheet
4Partivedan/ Short Narrative of Project
5authority of the person making this application
6Praroop 2
7Praroop 3
8Praroop 4
9Praroop 5 (financial and administrative approve for the proposal)
10pararoop 6 (sayunkt nrichan report)
11pararoop 7 (Site inspection report- notbelowthe rank of dsf for the forest land to be diverted under FACA)
12pararoop 8 (Topo Sheet )
13pararoop 9 (Topo Sheet )
14pararoop 10 (G.P.S. Mep )
15pararoop 11 (Justifction of the parosonal )
16pararoop 12 ( G.P.S. Mep )
17pararoop 13 ( Performa forcumparisonbetween identified alignmenps )
18pararoop 14 ( beklpik bhoomi uplabhad na hone wa ban bhoomi ki mang nuntam hone ka parman patra )
19pararoop 15 (Land shedul Aarakchit ban bhoomi )
20pararoop 15-1 utran khatoni, nakwa naxa
21pararoop 16 pariyojana ki lambye or chaudai ka bibran
22pararoop 17 Bar Chat
23pararoop 18 karya prarmbh na hone ka parman patra
24pararoop 19 parwahit hone wale peduo ka bibran
25pararoop 20 parwahit hone wale peduo ka mulyakan
26pararoop 20.1 parwahit hone wale peduo ka saransh
27pararoop 21 kate jane wale peduo ka bibran
28pararoop 22 banj peduo ke patan ka parman patra
29pararoop 23 pedh parwahit na hone ki dasha me prayogta ajenchy, D.F.O dyara pardatta parman patra
30pararoop 24 (niyuntam peduo ke patan kiye jane ka parman patra)
31pararoop 25 ( rastriya park/ wanya jeev abhyaran ka hissa na hone ki hawai doori ka parman patra )
32pararoop 26 ( mukhya banya jeev partipalak ka anapati parman patra )
33pararop 27 ( bhartiya baya jeeb manneeya uchattam nyalaya ki anumati )
34pararop 28 ( garam sabha ka anapati parman patra )
35pararop 29 ( cost benefitrit Ratio calculation performa )
36pararop 29.1 ( parameter for evalution of loss of forests )
37pararop 30.1 ( meeting of the district level cummittee )
38pararop 30.2 ( upkhand istriya samiti /district lebal cummittee )
39pararop 30.3 ( gram panchayt anapati parman patra )
40pararop 31 ( madwar bibran)
41pararop 32 ( le-out palan/ madwar bibran)
42pararop 33 (bhoo begyanik ki aakhya )
43pararop 34 (bhoo begyanik ki sansuti/ suzauo ka parman patra )
44pararop 35 (Task Forest certificate )
45pararop 36 (Manak Sharto ka manya hone ka parman patra )
46pararop 37 ( dharmik/ pauranik/yetihasik sthal na hone ka parman patra )
47pararop 38 (vanya jeev/banaspatio ko chati na pahuchye jana ka parman patra )
48pararop 39 ( karyarat majdooro ko meeti ka tel /rasoi ges uplabadh karye jane ka parman patra )
49pararop 40 ( labhandit hone wale garamo/pariwaro/jasankhya ka parman patra )
50pararop 41 ( ban bhumi ka mulya /barsik lese rent ka parman patra )
51pararoop 42 (chatipoorak virxa ropan yojana ka manchitra)
52pararoop 43 (chatipoorak pedo ke sthal ka parman patra)
53pararoop 44 (chatipoorak pedo ke sathal ka topo sheet )
54pararoop 45 (chatipoorak pedo ke rangeen googal manchitra )
55pararoop 46 (10 guna peduo ki ropan yojana )
56pararoop 47 (bhumi dharo ka anapati parman patra)
57pararoop 48 (bhumi dharo wa parstawak vibhag ke beech huye anubhandh ka parman patra)
58pararoop 49 (malwa nistaran yojana ka parman patra)
59pararoop 50 (N.P.V. ki dhanrashi)
60pararoop 51 (N.P.V. ki badhi daruo ke anusar atrikt dhanrashi jama karye jane pa parman patra)
61pararoop 52 ( R CC pilaro ka seema ka ankan )
62pararoop 53 ( Lese awadhi ka parman patra)
63pararoop 54 ( van sarkchan adhiniyam 1980 ka ulnghan na hone ka parman patra)
64pararoop 55 ( Jal vidhut pariyojana ka cat Palan )
65pararoop 56 ( pariyawaran ki sweekarti ka parman patra )
66pararoop 57 ( Kalateet Leso ke naweenikaran hetu parpatra )
67( Justifction authenticated D.F.O. at section D in form-A)
68( E.D.S Dated 12/12/2018 lagai gai aapatiyo ka binduwar nirakaran ke samndh maim)
69Aapatiyo ka nistaran Letter
70pararoop 11 Yochitya purana parman patra
71Acwnowledegment Proposal
72Non-Lieanar FRA Praroop-30
73Parpatra-22 C.F.
74Aapatiyuo ka nirakaran
75parpatra-25 Hawai doori ka parman patra
76Nirakaran ki suchana
77parskiya swikirti
78pariyojana ka parman patra
79pariyojana ka parman patra
80covering letter
81resolution of the complaints against letter no. 8b/ucp/01/198/fc/2019
82viteeya yewam pasanik swikarti
83Lay out Plan
84geologist report
86Tree Palan
87bar chart
88land shoochi
89D.M parman patra
90No work parman patra
91Coviring Letter