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Sno.Proposal No.State NameProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received on Wildlife WardenView Report of Part-I & IIView TimeLine Details
1 FP/UK/Others/42571/2019 Uttarakhand Lease Renewal of Swami Shukdevanand Trust- Parmarth Ganga Ghat, Tehsil Yamkeshwar, District Pauri Garhwal Others SWAMI SHUKDEVANAND TRUST 0.97 Disposed
31 Oct 2019
2 FP/TN/QRY/288/2015 Tamil Nadu Multi Colour granite quarry Quarrying LOGANATHAN 0 Disposed
31 Oct 2015
3 FP/MP/ROAD/6492/2022 Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Clearance of Itarsi Betul Road at three Tiger Corridor Locations Road National Highways Authority of India 0 Pending at Chief Wildlife Warden
31 May 2022
4 FP/GJ/QRY/4213/2019 Gujarat Black Trap Mine of Devshibhai Samatbhai Chandera Quarrying BLACK TRAP MINE DEVSHIBHAI SAMATBHAI CHANDERA 0 DFO
31 May 2019
5 FP/RJ/Others/2537/2018 Rajasthan Laying of Optical Fibre Cable From Rampura-Maharajpura to Nitata for Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Others RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LIMITED RAJASTHAN 0.2112 Pending With UA
31 May 2018
6 FP/RJ/Others/2539/2018 Rajasthan Laying Optical Fibre Cable From Dhand to Nimbi , Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Others RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LIMITED RAJASTHAN 0.1059 Disposed
31 May 2018
7 FP/TR/IND/15234/2015 Tripura Gojalia-GCS to OTPC-Palatana Pipeline Industry ONGC 0.646371 Disposed
31 May 2017
8 FP/TG/WATER/17588/2016 Telangana Telangana Water Grid - Segment No.25/2, Manuguru, Khammam Dist , 4.520 Ha Drinking Water TELANGANA DRINKING WATER SUPPLY PROJECT 0.231 Disposed
31 May 2017
9 FP/TG/WATER/18057/2016 Telangana Telangana Water Grid - Segment No.20/2, Mangapet, Warangal Dist - 1.989 Ha Drinking Water TELANGANA DRINKING WATER SUPPLY PROJECT 1.989 Disposed
31 May 2017
10 FP/MP/ROAD/51020/2020 Madhya Pradesh Mayapur Khuteli Lauar road to Bichhari Under Package No MP41209 Road GM MPRRDA PIU SIDHI 0.48 Disposed
31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2017
12 FP/RJ/Others/5273/2020 Rajasthan Proposed Residential Scheme No. 13 by Urban Improvement Trust - Bhartapur, District - Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Others URBAN IMPROVEMENT TRUST 0 Disposed
31 Jul 2020
13 FP/KA/Others/4366/2019 Karnataka Residential Apartment Project by M/s. Sri Sai Associates at Sy No 24/2, 25/2, 27/3 & 27/4P Kaggalipura Village, Uttarahalli Hobli, Bangalore SouthTaluk, Bangalore Urban District. Others CONCORDE GROUP 0 DFO
31 Jul 2019
14 FP/GJ/Others/41143/2019 Gujarat Proposal for laying OFC for GFGNL Project for Bharat Net Phase II Banaskantha District Others GFGNL 1.222 Disposed
31 Jul 2019
15 WL/RJ/Others/416426/2023 Rajasthan 4G Saturation project of Government of India for 4G tower installation through BSNL for this uncovered village Bhoonjar Kalan of Rawatbhata Others 0.02 DFO
31 Jan 2023
16 FP/JK/ROAD/120321/2021 Jammu and Kashmir Construction and Upgradation of Road L-060 Kothar to Ponthal Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PMGSY DIVISION JAMMU 2.442 Disposed
31 Jan 2021
17 FP/KA/MIN/4847/2020 Karnataka “Ordinary Sand Quarry” in patta land By Sri. Khaja Hussain Mining SRI. KHAJA HUSSAIN B 0 Disposed
31 Jan 2020
18 FP/GJ/Pipeline/4850/2020 Gujarat Permission for diversion of forest land of 8.0976 Ha for proposed 18”Ø LPG Pipeline from Kandla-Gorakhpur in (Kandla-Viramgam & Viramgam–HPCL Sardhav) Sections passing through Wild life land in Kutch & Morbi District Pipeline IHB LIMITED 8.0976 Disposed
31 Jan 2020
19 FP/MH/IND/1250/2017 Maharashtra Sree Kartikeya Kameshwari Industries Industry SHREE KARTIKEYA KAMESHWARI INDUSTRIES 0 DFO
31 Jan 2017
20 FP/RJ/WATER/150690/2021 Rajasthan KALITEER LIFT SCHEME,DHOLPUR(RAJASTHAN) Drinking Water SE,WRD, DHOLPUR (RAJ) 4.239 Pending at MoEFCC(WL)
31 Dec 2021
21 FP/JH/ROAD/3763/2018 Jharkhand PMGSY Road from Siyarkoni to Garmorwa in Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary. Road RDD (RWD) WORK DIVISION, INDERPURI CHOWK, HAZARIBAG 1.7894 Disposed
31 Dec 2018
22 FP/RJ/MIN/2791/2018 Rajasthan Pitampura Masonary Stone Mining Project Plot No. 02, Area 1.000 Hact. Mining MANOJ KUMAR SHARMA 0 Disposed
31 Dec 2018
23 FP/RJ/IRRIG/2676/2018 Rajasthan Khoh Minor Irrigation Project, Sapotra, District-Karauli (Raj.)” Irrigation WATER RESOURCE DEPARTMENT 18.54 Pending With UA
31 Dec 2018
24 FP/AS/THE/499/2015 Assam : NTPC BgTPP (National Bongaigaon Thermal Power Project) Thermal NTPC 0 DFO
31 Dec 2015
25 FP/AP/ROAD/146577/2021 Andhra Pradesh Rehabilitation and up-gradation of National Highway-565 from Km 133.922 to Km 154.900 (Davupally to Mallapalem Junction) to two lanes with paved shoulders in the state of Andhra Pradesh u Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS-RO-VIJAYAWADA 38.6 Pending at MoEFCC(WL)
31 Aug 2021
26 FP/UK/MIN/21355/2016 Uttarakhand Collection of Miner Minerals from Song Nadi, Bhopal pani Block no. 8 Mining UTTARAKHAND FOREST DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (UAFDC) 0 Pending With UA
31 Aug 2020
27 FP/GJ/OFC/49234/2020 Gujarat Grant permission for optical fiber cable along the route mention here (Purna wildlife sanctuary Area) Optical Fibre Cable GFGNL 0.6895 Pending With UA
31 Aug 2020
28 FP/RJ/IND/1782/2017 Rajasthan NBWL Clearance for All units of DCM Shriram, Kota Complex at Shriram Nagar Industrial Area, Kota, Rajasthan. Industry DCM SHRIRAM LTD 0 Disposed
31 Aug 2017
31 Aug 2016
30 FP/AS/IND/874/2016 Assam INDAdeptG project of Guwahati Refinery Industry INDIAN OIL COPERATION LIMITED 0 Disposed
31 Aug 2016