(To be filled by the concerned Deputy Conservator of Forest)
State Serial No. of proposal : MZ-01/2016
1. Location of the project/Scheme : Mizoram
 (i) State / Union Territory : Mizoram  (ii) District : Mamit  (iii) Forest Division : FDDampa  (iv) Area of forest land proposed for diversion (in ha.) : 1519.57  (v)

Category of the Proposal: Road
2. Legal status of forest land proposed for diversion
S. No. DivisionForest Land(ha.)Legal Status
1FDDampa1519.57Protected Forest
Total 1519.57
Division 1. : FDDampa
3. District wise area to be diverted in the division
S. No. DistrictArea(ha.)
4. Details of Vegetation available in the forest land proposed for diversion
 (i) Density of vegetation
S. No. Area(in ha.)Density Eco-Class
11519.5740Eco 1
Total. 1519.57

(ii) Species-wise local/scientific names and girth-wise enumeration of trees at FRL
S. No. Scientific Name Local Name (0-30)cm. (31-60)cm. (61-90)cm. (91-120)cm. (121-150)cm. (>150)cm.
1OthersHnahkhar (Macaranga indica)0273865300
2Schima Wallichii ChoisKhiang013422372994
3Adina cordifoliaLungkhup0128147500
4OthersPang (Bombax insigne)06151222530
5Lagistromia LanceolataThlado0437140000
6Albizia ProceraKangtek01364820120
7OthersTaitaw (Spondias pinnata)0112452310
8Alstonia ScholarisThuamriat0230241600
9OthersRihnim (Ficus geniculata)03212800
10OthersThingvawkpui (Sapium baccatum)033512527150
11OthersSazutheipui (Ficus herta)012075000
12OthersThingkhim (Acer laevigatum)011288120
13OthersHnahkiah (Callicarpa arborea)0448823050
14OthersTatkawng (Artocarpus chaplasha)0634112853
15OthersVawngthla (Gmelina oblongifolia )0221231550
16Erythrina IndicaFartuah0139322011
17OthersLawngthing (Dipterocarpus turbinata)0011331610
18OthersChhawntual (Aporosa octanra)01581600
19Saraca AsocaMualhawih03520000
20Mesua fereaHerhse03023300
21OthersArchangkawm (Oroxylum indicum)021825000
22OthersHulhu (Derris thyrsiflora)0897000
23OthersKhaupui (Sterculia vellosa)021471000
24Ficus BengalensisHmawng003400
25OthersTheitat (Artocarpus lakocha)04723500
26Mangifera IndicaRamtheihai0621800
27Tooni CedrelaTeipui079221800
28OthersKhaukhim (Terculia clorat)0515500
29OthersBeraw (Carnarium strictum)0515100
30Michelia ChampakaNgiau010521400
31OthersBil (Protim serratum)021000
32Syzigium CuminiLenhmui073331100
34OthersKharpa (Macaranga denticulata)057000
35OthersMuk (Cordia diclotorna)002400
36OthersTheibate (Ficus anriculata)01210500
37Pterospermum AcerifoliaSiksil002100
38OthersTuairam (Meliosma pinnata)004000
39OthersThlengreng (Vitex heterophylla)001200
40Duabanga GrandifloraPualeng000300
41Bombax CeibaPhunchhawng000100
42Terminalia MyriocarpaChar000200
43OthersThingkha (Derris robusta)02714300
44OthersZairum (Anogeissus acuminata)037201500
45Gmelina ArboreaThlanvawng02251331040
46OthersSihneh (Eurya cerasifolia)029245000
47OthersVawmbal (Drimycarpu racemosus)0117102000
48OthersTheipui (Ficus semicordata)05336000
49OthersMakpazangkang (Cassia nodosa)036602000
50OthersBelphuar (Trema orientalis)098562400
51Duabanga SonneratioidesZuang0081500
52OthersTheitit (Ficus prostrata)05650000
53OthersThingkhawilu (Vitex pendoncularis)0454438160
54Terminalia ChebulaReraw000300
55OthersThingdawl (Tetraldis nudiflora)0001610
56OthersVaiza (Hibiscus macrophyllus)08228000
57OthersVang (Albezzia chimensis)013271220
58OthersVawmvate (Gareinia sopsopia)0210000
59OthersKawlkar (Leca indica)0500000
60OthersThingsaingal (Hyptianthera stricta)05439000
61OthersZawngtah (Parkia roxburghii)0156000
62OthersVaube (Bauhinia variegata)06815400
63OthersKhuangthli (Bischofia javanica)011230900
64OthersKawrthindeng (Dillenia indica)00373900
65OthersThingthupui (Dysoxylum gobara)007300
66OthersChengkek (Gareinia kydia)07210000
67OthersSahatah (Amoora wallichii)0041000
68OthersBungbutuairam (Garuga pinnata)001200
69OthersHnahthap (Colona floribunda)000210
70OthersChawmzil (Ligustrum robustrum)058000
71OthersTheipalingkawh (Bruismia polysperma)001300
72OthersKharuang (Elaecarpus lanceafolious)002100
73OthersLungkhup (Haldina cordiflora)000200
74OthersPhan (Illmus lanciofolia)000100
Total 0 78232366 708108 18
Sub Total (No of Trees.) 11023

5. Working plan prescription for the forest land proposed for diversion : NIL
6. Brief note on vulnerability of the forest area to erosion : There are no heavy erosion known in the past, However, some of the bank of the river Khawthlangtuipui which is Indo-Bangladesh border area, may also be vulnerable to erosion.
7. Approximate distance of the proposed site for diversion from boundary of forest(in km.) : 0
8. Significance of the forest land proposed for diversion from wildlife point of view
 (i). Details of wildlife present in and around the forest land proposed for diversion : Wildlife could include from small insects to big species as Elephant and since the proposed area for diversion is more than 1000 hectare, there would be some wildlife animals present in the protected
 (ii). Whether forms part of national park, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve,tiger reserve, elephant corridor, wildlife migration corridor etc. : Yes
  Details and comments on the impact of Project on such areas : Dampa Tiger Reserve lies at the tri-junction of Bangladesh and two Indian states of Mizoram and Tripura. It has a single and probably an isolated population of tiger. The presence of this top carnivore has been verified through indirect analysis of DNA from the scat collected. The high diversity of habitat helps Dampa Tiger Reserve to support an astonishing diversity of flora and fauna. The 62 kilometre stretch of border fencing running through Dampa TR would surely have tremendous impact on the
 (iii). Whether the forest land proposed for diversion is located within eco-sensitive zone(ESZ) of the Protected Area notified under Wildlife(Protection) Act,1972 (Note: In case, ESZ of a Protected Area is not notified,then,10kms distance from boundary of the Protected Area should be treated as ESZ): No
 (iv). Whether any national park, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve, tiger reserve, elephant corridor, wildlife migration corridor etc., is located within 1 Km. from boundary of the forest land proposed for diversion : Yes
  Details and comments on the impact of Project on such areas : There may be various advantage and disadvantage of the project on the Tiger Reserve, However, the impact of the project may yet to be analysed.
 (v). Whether any rare/endangered/unique species of flora and fauna found in the area : Yes
9. Details of any protected archaeological/heritage site/defence establishment or any other important monument located in the area, if any
 (i). Whether any protected archaeological/heritage site/defence establishment or any other important monument is located in the area : No
10. Comment as to the reasonability of the extent of the forest land proposed for diversion
 (i). Whether the requirement of forest land as proposed by the user agency is unavoidable and bare minimum for the project : Yes
11. Details of violation(s), if any ,committed
 (i). Whether any work in violation of the Act or guidelines issued under the Act has been carried out : No
12. Whether work in violation is still in progres(Yes/No) : NIL
13. Details of compensatory afforestation scheme
Patch wise details for Degraded Area (To be earmarked by DFO)
(i). Total Financial Outlay for C.A(lacs): 1389.69
Patch Wise Details Patch No.Area(ha.)Name of PF/RFRangeCompartment NoUploaded KML file of patch
11126.70OthersKhawruhlianBuhban tlang    View file
22184.62OthersDarlawnLawikal mual    View file
33158.05OthersKhawruhlianMualkir ram    View file
44127.53OthersKhawruhlianHmarcha hmun    View file
5530.00OthersRatuSele mual    View file
6758.28OthersDarlawnSasaw tlang    View file
7891.14OthersDarlawnKandar ram    View file
8922.28OthersSuangpuilawnChithar ram    View file
96448.88OthersSuangpuilawnDarkhuang Ram    View file
101061.70OthersKhawruhlianKhawhmun Tlang 1 and 2    View file
111178.39OthersDarlawnThereng Ngaw Tlang, Hmawngkar Ram    View file
1212132.00OthersSuangpuilawnKhawhnuai Ram, Ngaizel Ram    View file
(ii). Copy of CA scheme details: (iii). Scanned copy of the Geo-referenced map of the forest land proposed for C.A. prepared by using DGPS or Total Station: (iv). Copy of Survey of India Toposheet indicating boundary of forest land proposed for C.A.:
 (V). Copy of NOC from Competent Authority :

Additional information Details
S. No. DocumentsRemarks

14. District Profile District NameGeographical area of the district (in ha.)Forest area of the district (in ha.)Total forest area diverted since 1980 (in ha.)No. of Approved CasesForest Land including penal C.A. (in ha.)Progress of compensatory afforestation as on(date)A) Forest land (in ha.)B) Non-forest land (in ha.)
15. Site inspection report of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer highlighting important facts pertaining to the forest land
Division NameCircleSite inspected ByWhether site inspectedNo. of times site visited Site inspection reportDate of visit
FDDampaChief Wildlife WardenDFOYesOne19/07/2016
 Chief Wildlife WardenCFYesOne20/08/2016
(Specific recommendation of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer with(Part II,III & Part IV))
16. Specific recommendation of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer for acceptance or otherwise of the proposal with reason
DivisionCircleRecommendation ByRecommendationReasonLetter Whether CF agreed
FDDampaChief Wildlife WardenDFO Recommended
quetiapin ritalin quetiapin mod angst quetiapin wirkstoff
Chief Wildlife WardenCF RecommendedYes
Nodal Officer Recommended
Specific recommendation of the State Government(Part V)
17. Specific recommendation of the State Government for acceptance or otherwise of the proposal with reason ( Part V)
StateRecommendation ByRecommendationRecommendation DateRemarksSigning AuthorityNotificationRecommendation Letter
MizoramState SecretaryRecommended14/11/2016Approval granted by State Govt based on general apState Govt. OfficerNo Data