(To be filled by the concerned Deputy Conservator of Forest)
State Serial No. of proposal : JH-055/2019
1. Location of the project/Scheme : Jharkhand
 (i) State / Union Territory : Jharkhand  (ii) District : East Singhbhum  (iii) Forest Division : Dalbhum  (iv) Area of forest land proposed for diversion (in ha.) : 99.256  (v)

Category of the Proposal: Others
2. Legal status of forest land proposed for diversion
S. No. DivisionForest Land(ha.)Legal Status
1Dalbhum53.788Reserved Forest
2Dalbhum0.065Protected Forest
3Dalbhum45.403jungle-jhari land
Total 99.256
Division 1. : Dalbhum
3. District wise area to be diverted in the division
S. No. DistrictArea(ha.)
1East Singhbhum99.256
4. Details of Vegetation available in the forest land proposed for diversion
 (i) Density of vegetation
S. No. Area(in ha.)Density Eco-Class
199.2560.71Eco 3
Total. 99.256

(ii) Species-wise local/scientific names and girth-wise enumeration of trees at FRL
S. No. Scientific Name Local Name (0-30)cm. (31-60)cm. (61-90)cm. (91-120)cm. (121-150)cm. (>150)cm.
1Shorea RobustaSal521678987499356604419
2Terminalia TomentosaAsan270242200
3Acacia ArabicaAccacia6832151420
4Cassia FistulaAmaltash2142100
5Terminalia ArjunaArjun5993097010
6Terminalia bellericaBahera29210742
7Melia AzadirachtaBaken010000
8Ficus BengalensisBargad031003
9Aegle MarmelosBel243000
10Semecarpus AnacardiumBhelwa13020612510
12Cassia SiameaChakundi62517143142
13Alstonia ScholarisChatni597416200
14Holoptelia integrifoliaChilbil21113762
19Erythrina IndicaFarhad010000
20Gmelin ArboreaGamhar3460000
21Ailanthus excelsaGhorkaranj41187320
22Delonix RegiaGulmohar020000
24Terminalia ChebulaHare303200
25Tamarindus IndicaImli000010
26Syzigium CuminiJamun1801911412845
27Anthocephalus CadambaKadam1640000
29Anacardium OccidentaleKaju8112037000
30Adina cordifoliaKaram382160561854
35Diasporus MelanoxylonKend2778481171449
38Madhuca indicaMahua159392231
39Azadirachta IndicaNeem532415671
40Pterocarpus MarsupiumPaisar3640000
47Albizia ProceraSafed Siris1174020
48Tectona GrandisSagwan41314524310
49Bombax CeibaSemal213110
50Dalburgia SisooShisham330100
51Lagerstroemia ParvifloraSidha700000
52Alberia Lebbac (Dirshanam)Siris400010
53Mangifera IndicaAam000200
55Borasis FlebiliferTaar000110
56Moringa oleiferaVanmunga100000
59Dendrocalamus StrictusBamboo000004538
Total 60233 107891312 982838 5178
Sub Total (No of Trees.) 79332

5. Working plan prescription for the forest land proposed for diversion : The forest land proposed for diversion comes under the coppice with standard working circle, Rehabilitation cum soil and moisture conservation working circle and plantation working circle in the working plan. Hence, Soil and moisure conservation, silviculture operation and plantation can be prescribed where ever necessary.
6. Brief note on vulnerability of the forest area to erosion : Forest area is vulnerable to erosion
7. Approximate distance of the proposed site for diversion from boundary of forest(in km.) : 0
8. Significance of the forest land proposed for diversion from wildlife point of view
 (i). Details of wildlife present in and around the forest land proposed for diversion : Bat, Bear, Peacock, Hyaena, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Elephant, Hare, Langur, Mouse, Cobra, Rock Python, Karait, etc.
 (ii). Whether forms part of national park, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve,tiger reserve, elephant corridor, wildlife migration corridor etc. : No
 (iii). Whether the forest land proposed for diversion is located within eco-sensitive zone(ESZ) of the Protected Area notified under Wildlife(Protection) Act,1972 (Note: In case, ESZ of a Protected Area is not notified,then,10kms distance from boundary of the Protected Area should be treated as ESZ): No
 (iv). Whether any national park, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve, tiger reserve, elephant corridor, wildlife migration corridor etc., is located within 1 Km. from boundary of the forest land proposed for diversion : No
 (v). Whether any rare/endangered/unique species of flora and fauna found in the area : Yes
9. Details of any protected archaeological/heritage site/defence establishment or any other important monument located in the area, if any
 (i). Whether any protected archaeological/heritage site/defence establishment or any other important monument is located in the area : No
10. Comment as to the reasonability of the extent of the forest land proposed for diversion
 (i). Whether the requirement of forest land as proposed by the user agency is unavoidable and bare minimum for the project : Yes
11. Details of violation(s), if any ,committed
 (i). Whether any work in violation of the Act or guidelines issued under the Act has been carried out : No
12. Whether work in violation is still in progres(Yes/No) : NIL
13. Details of compensatory afforestation scheme
Patch wise details for Degraded Area (To be earmarked by DFO)
(i). Total Financial Outlay for C.A(lacs): 614.30723
Patch Wise Details Patch No.Area(ha.)Name of PF/RFRangeCompartment NoUploaded KML file of patch
1115KuchiyakanaliChakuliaGhatshila - 379    View file
2235PundaChakuliaGhatshila - 380    View file
3318BardiChakuliaGhatshila - 39    View file
441ChoraigoraChakuliaGhatshila - 64    View file
556PithatiChakuliaGhatshila - 38    View file
6630SapdharaChakuliaGhatshila - 533    View file
775JhariyaChakuliaGhatshila - 471    View file
8835GudgudiyaChakuliaGhatshila - 470    View file
9925KarariyaChakuliaGhatshila - 582    View file
101028.512BagghoriChakuliaGhatshila - 244    View file
(ii). Copy of CA scheme details: (iii). Scanned copy of the Geo-referenced map of the forest land proposed for C.A. prepared by using DGPS or Total Station: (iv). Copy of Survey of India Toposheet indicating boundary of forest land proposed for C.A.:
 (V). Copy of NOC from Competent Authority :

Additional information Details
S. No. DocumentsRemarks
1 Cost-Benefit Analysis
2 Undertaking for Environmental Clearance of the Project
3 Undertaking for compliance of conditions stipulated by state government/ Department of Forest
4 Undertaking regarding FRA
5 Justification
6 Undertaking in respect of NPV
7 Form - A (PART-I)
8 Tree Enumeration Report
9 Land Schedule for Proposed Dhalbhumgarh Airport
10 Undertaking in respect of Compensatory Afforestation
11 Processing Form (Part-II)
12 Undertaking regarding NPV
13 Authorisation to Shri Vinod Sharma for signing/ processing / uploading the forest clearance proposal.
14 DGPS Survey Report for Proposed Dhalbhumgarh Airport
15 NOC of Denotified Forest Land (Deemed Forest)

14. District Profile District NameGeographical area of the district (in ha.)Forest area of the district (in ha.)Total forest area diverted since 1980 (in ha.)No. of Approved CasesForest Land including penal C.A. (in ha.)Progress of compensatory afforestation as on(date)A) Forest land (in ha.)B) Non-forest land (in ha.)
1East Singhbhum3533001080691535.4165231157.0531/03/2022935.42194.54
15. Site inspection report of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer highlighting important facts pertaining to the forest land
Division NameCircleSite inspected ByWhether site inspectedNo. of times site visited Site inspection reportDate of visit
 Nodal OfficerNoNo Data
(Specific recommendation of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer with(Part II,III & Part IV))
16. Specific recommendation of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer for acceptance or otherwise of the proposal with reason
DivisionCircleRecommendation ByRecommendationReasonLetter Whether CF agreed
DalbhumJamshedpurDFO RecommendedJharkhand has been moving firmly ahead on path of development and striving hard to achieve all round development of state. However, there are several obstacles are present which can decelerate the momentum of development, lack of infrastructure is one of them. One of the most lacking infrastructure in state is "Airport". As we know, Jharkhand has only one operational airport at Ranchi which is insufficient to cater the whole state. lt is a proven fact the airport can boost socio economic status of the town/city dramatically because air connects people but it connects economies to further develop the global economy. Jamshedpur is not only important industrial town not only in Jharkhand but also recognized industrial towm of India but it still lacks air connectivity. People travel to the town only through Ranchi airport. Peoples leave Jamshedpur at least six hour before the time of flight to reach Ranchi airport, it is waste of precious time of them. not only The fast growing and established industrial town Jamahedpur immediately needs an airport to increase its contribution in economic developrment of state and country. Sonari Aerodrome at Jamshedpur is not suitable for comnmercial flights of ATR 72 and above categories, due to its short runway length and non possibility of its proper extension. Airports Authority of India and Govt of Jharkhand tried hard to find a suitable place to construct airport but due to huge urbanization and geographical reason, no suitable place is available near the town. The most and only suitable place is Dhalbhumgarh around 55 km from Jamshedpur . This place already has a defunct structure of runway as it was used as an airport at the time of Second World War. Hence the ion of place is justified.
JamshedpurCF RecommendedAirport at the proposed site would have adverse affect on the flora and fauna. The said area falls near documented Elephant corridor “GAJAH” – Ghatshila Kakrajhor, Musabani Chakulia, Dumaria Kundaluka Murkanjia. There were several incidences of Man – Elephant conflict in and around the proposed area in the past. Construction of Airport would adversely affect the watershed of the region. The Airport can boost socio economic status of the region and would contribute in economic development of the state and country. The proposal may be accepted with the condition to take mitigation measures to contain the adverse affect, on flora and fauna. Yes
Nodal Officer RecommendedRecommended