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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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Sno.State NameProposal No.RO/Ministry File NumberProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal Pending Since(Date)View Report on Allocation of Fresh forest land (Form-A) Part-I View TimeLine DetailsOther Related DocumentsWhether EC required (if so, status)?
1 West Bengal FP/WB/ROAD/33553/2018 Proposal for diversion of 0.31 Ha of Forest Land in favor of NHIDCL under Kalimpong Forest Division for Construction of Additional Bridge of 135 meter span adjacent to the existing bridge at Km 52.100 of NH-10 at Rangpo border of West Bengal & Sikkim Road MORTH (NHIDCL) 0.31 Pending With UA

2 West Bengal FP/WB/TRANS/157652/2022 Construction of 132KV Double Circuit Transmission Line from Chalsa 132KV Substation to Proposed Kalimpong 132KV Substation Transmission Line WEST BENGAL STATE ELECTRICITY TRANSMISSION COMPANY LIMITED 30.16 Pending With UA

3 West Bengal FP/WB/Others/145927/2021 Proposal for diversion of Forest land for Setting Up e-Node B (Mobile Tower) Tower at Damanpur IX Compartment under Buxa Tiger Reserve West Division Others Jio Digital Fibre Private Limited 0.0144 Pending With UA

4 West Bengal FP/WB/ROAD/154401/2022 Muck Dumping for Construction Rehabilitation and upgrading of two lane paved shoulders of NH717A Road NHIDCL, KALIMPONG 3.621 Pending With UA

5 West Bengal FP/WB/Others/153335/2022 Proposed to be diverted for development of Tourism Cottages at Tiger Hill. Others District Youth Services & Sports Hamirpur 0.95 Pending With UA

6 West Bengal FP/WB/Approach/30899/2017 Teesta Low Dam IV Power Station Approach Access NHPC LIMITED 0.923 Pending With UA

7 West Bengal FP/WB/ROAD/149530/2021 Muck Dumping for Construction, Rehabilitation and upgrading of two lane with paved shoulders of NH-717A Road NHIDCL, KALIMPONG 17.692 Pending With UA

8 West Bengal FP/WB/Others/40330/2019 Jhargram Medical College and Hospital WB Others CHEIF MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH JHARGRAM 12.145 Pending With UA

Proposal Status: EC application yet to be submitted
9 West Bengal FP/WB/TRANS/37516/2018 Up gradation from 66KV to 132KV of the existing Birpara-Hasimara transmission line of WBSETCL Transmission Line WBSETCL 2.9412 Pending With UA

10 West Bengal FP/WB/Others/6171/2014 Construction of new ash pond adjacent to existing Ash Pond of MTPS, DVC Others DAMODAR VALLEY CORPORATION 42.1377 Pending with UA

Proposal Status: EC application yet to be submitted
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