Form for seeking prior approval of Central Government under section 2 of the Forest(Conservation) Act,1980 for Diversion of fresh forest area
(To be filled up by User Agency)
A. General Details
A-1. Project Details
  (i). Proposal No. : FP/UK/ROAD/32834/2018   (ii). Name of Project for which Forest Land is required : Construction of Chamba Mussoorie Motor Road in Place Kanatal to Andhiyargadhi Sangaon Motor Road   (iii). Short narrative of the proposal and Project/scheme for which the forest land is required : The Sanction Road Started from Chamba Mussorie Motor Road Km 16 and terminal point km 5 of Village Sangaon construction of New Road for the purpose of connecting villages and short route to Chamba and Rishikesh uttarakhand from Dhanolti, Tehri and Partapnagar Bidhansabha and Total Pouplation of San   (iv). State : Uttarakhand   (v). Category of the Proposal : Road   (vi). Shape of forest land proposed to be diverted : Linear   (vii). Estimated cost of the Project(Rupees in lacs) : 101.36   (viii). Area of forest land proposed for diversion(in ha.): 2.52   (ix). Non-forest land required for this project(in ha.): 1.2325   (x). Total period for which the forest land is proposed to be diverted(in years): 100
A-2. Details of User Agency
  (i). Name : PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT   (ii). Address1 : Yamuna Colony Dehradun   (iii). Address2 : NIL   (iv). State : Uttarakhand   (v). District : Dehradun   (vi). Pin : 248001   (vii). Landmark : Yamuna Colony   (viii). Email address :   (ix). Landline Telephone No. : 135-2630487   (x). Fax No. : 135-135   (xi). Mobile No. : 9412009708   (xii). Website (if any) :   (xiii). Legal status of User Agency : State Government
A-3. Details of Person Making Application
  (i). First Name: Narayan   (ii). Middle Name: Singh   (iii). Last Name: Kholia   (iv). Gender: Male   (v). Designation: Executive Engineer   (vi). Address 1: C.D. P.W.D. Chamba Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand   (vii). Address 2: NIL   (viii). State: Uttarakhand   (ix). District: Tehri Garhwal   (x). Tehsil: Tehri   (xi). Pin: 249145   (xii). Landmark: Near police Line Chamba   (xiii). Email Address:   (xiv). Landline Telephone No.: 1376-254062   (xv). Fax No.: 01376254062   (xvi). Mobile No.: 9557823200   (xvii). Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency:
B. Details of land required for the Project
B-1. Details of proposal seeking prior approval of Central Government under the Act for diversion of forest land for the Project already submitted in the past
List of proposal submitted in Past Proposal Status. Proposal No. Moef File No. Area Proposed for Diversion(Ha.) Area Diverted(Ha.) Date of In-Principle Approval Date of Final Approval
B-2. Details of forest land proposed to be diverted
B-2.1 Details of Divisions involved
Details of Divisions involved Division Name Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
B-2.2 Details of Districts involved
District wise breakup District Name Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
1.Tehri Garhwal2.521.2325
B-2.3 Village wise breakup
Villages wise breakup Village Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
1saur (Sangaon)2.521.2325
Total 2.52 1.2325
B-2.4 Component wise breakup
Component wise breakup Component Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
2Muck Disposal-100.108
3Muck Disposal-200.126
4Muck Disposal-300.076
5Muck Disposal-400.09999999999
Total 2.52 1.23249999999
C. Maps of forest land proposed to be diverted
Division 1. : Narendranagar,Munikireti
  (i). Area of forest land proposed to be diverted(in ha.) : 2.52   (ii). Nature of the Project: Linear   (b). No. of Segments : One
Segment wise details
Segments Segment Area(in ha.) Kml File of Segments
(To view KML file on google the same may be downloaded and then open if in google earth install in your computer).
1.1    View File
  (iii). Copy of Survey of India Toposheet indicating boundary of forest land proposed to be diverted:   (iv). Scanned copy of the Geo-referenced map of the forest land proposed to be diverted prepared by using GPS or Total Station:
D. Justification for locating the Project in forest land and details of alternatives examined:
  (i). Copy of note containing justification for locating the Project in forest land:   (ii). Whether a copy of map indicating location of alternative examine is required to be provided: Yes   (a). Copy of map indicating location of alternative examined:
E. Employment likely to be generated
  (i). Whether the Project is likely to generate employment ?: Yes   (ii). Permanent/Regular Employment(Number of persons): 0   (iii). Temporary Employment(Number of person-days): 5000
F. Displacement of People due to the Project, if any
  (i). Whether Project involves displacement?: No
G. Details of Cost-Benefit analysis for the Project
  (i). Whether the Project requires Cost-Benefit analysis?: No
H. Status of Environmental Clearance
  (i). Whether the Project requires Clearance under the Environment (Protection) Act 1986 ? : No
I. Status of Wildelife Clearance
  (i). Whether the Project or a part thereof is located in any Protected Area or their Eco sensitive zone? : No
J. Applicability of special provisions governing Scheduled Areas
  (i).Whether the Project or a part thereof is located in a Scheduled Area? : No
K. Status of settlement of rights under the Forest Rights Act,2006 on the forest land proposed to be diverted
  (i). Whether the process for settlement of Rights under the Forest Rights Acts 2006 on the forest land proposed to be diverted has been completed? : Yes   (a). Copy of documentry evidence in support of settlement of rights under the Forest Rights Act,2006 on the forest land proposed to be diverted:
L. Details of land identified for Compensatory Afforestation
  (i). Whether non-forest or Revenue forest land is required to be provided by User Agency?: Yes   (ii). Whether the area of non-forest land or Revenue forest land required to be provided by User Agency for raising Compensatory Afforestation is less than area of forest land proposed to be diverted ?: No   (iii). No. of districts involved for raising Compensatory Afforestation: 1   (iv). No. of patches: Six
District 1. : Tehri Garhwal
  (a). Village: Saur (Sangaon)   (b). Area(in ha.): 5.18   (c). Copy of KML file of the patch:     View File   (d). Khasra details: 1406,1484,1301,1306,1326,36,39,77,150,216,219,223   (e). Present owner: Others   (f). Copy of ownership proof:   (g). Copy of Mou/agreement executed between the Present owner and the User Agency:   (h). Copy of non encumberence certificate for the forest land:
  (v). Scanned copy of the map of the land identified for creation of Compensatory Afforestation prepared by using GPS ot Total Station:   (vi). Copy of Survey of India Toposheet in 1:50,000 scale indicating location of the land identified for creation of Compensatory Afforestation:
Additional information Details
S.No Documents
1EDS Date 22-06-2018 Reply Date 23.07.2018
2Encl.No.2.1-A short narrative and importance of the project
3Encl.No.2.2-Administrative and financial sanction
4Encl.No.2.3-preliminaryjoint inspection report (by user agency) forest department, revenue department
5Encl.No.2.4-Comperative chart showing statement of both alignment or altenate site explored for the proposed project and reasons for their rejection july countersigned by DFO
6Encl.No.2.5- Certificate from the DM that no alternative suitable non-forest land is available for the project in question and the demand of the forest land for the project is barest minimum
7Encl.No.2.6-Land schedule (for RF signed by DFO and civil soyam, Van panchayat and private nap land signed by DM)
8Encl.No.2.7-Category wise (RF. civil soyam, van panchayat and private nap land, notified forest land etc.) land length width and area in HA.
9Encl.No.2.8-Bar chart with index (counter signed by DFO)
10Encl.No.2.9-Compensatory afforestation scheme in Civil and soyam land (10 years) by DFO
11Encl.No.2.10-Certificate Regarding suitability of indentified land for comensatory afforestation by DFO
12Encl.No.2.11-Undertaking by the user Agency to bear the cost of compensatory afforestation duly counter signed by the DFO
13Encl.No.2.12-Road side/gap filling plantation estimate (by DFO)
14Encl.No.2.13- Undertaking by the User Agency to bear the cost of road side/gap filling plantation (by user agency)
15Encl.No.2.14- Estimate of 100 trees palantation by DFO (less then 1.0 ha. cases)
16Encl.No.2.15- Details of the trees with their scientific name in FF, Civil Soyam, Van panchayat, private Notified land and in Nap Land should be mentioned (with valuation of the trees to be felled) (0-10 dia trees will be mentioned as saplings)
17Encl.No.2.16- Felling of Oak trees (if involves, inspection report of the concerning CF has to be provided)
18Encl.No.2.17- If felling of trees in not involeved, certificate by DFO in this regard
19Encl.No.2.18- Certificate of felling minimum trees during the project work
20Encl.No.2.19-I- Muk disposal scheme (in prescribed format)
21Encl.No.2.20-IWhather project area is a part of national Park or sanctuary and airal distance of the project from National park or sanctuary signed by DFO
22Encl.No.2.21-If the project area is within 10 km radius of N/P or Centuary, Comments/No objection certifecate of CCF wild life has to be provided
23Encl.No.2.22-If the project falling within the National park of Sancturay, needs recommendation of State Wild Life Board, National Board of Wild Life (NBWL) and permission of Hon'ble Supreme Court/MoEF GoI.
24Encl.No.2.23 voilation has taken place FC act 1980 reg.
25Encl.No.2.24-NOC from local Gram sabhas
26Encl.No.2.25,2.26-Approved general lay out plan/alignment and estimate from competent authority with name and designation, Component wise details of construction work
27Encl.No.2.27 Certificate- work has not been started reg.
28Encl.No.2.28- Geologist Report (Govt. approved Geologist)
29Encl.No.2.29-Task Force Report
30Encl.No.2.30- Certificate by user agency for complying the condition imposed in Standard Condition
31Encl.No.2.31-Certificate by user agency for complying the condition imposed in geologist report/Task force recommendation in hill areas (excluding drinding water)
32Encl.No.2.32-No historical/monumental or relegeous place will be effected certificate reg. (by DM/DFO)
33Encl.No.2.33- Undertakoing regarding no animal will be effected adversely be the project
34Encl.No.2.34- Undertading to provide alternative fuelwood, kerosene or LPG to labours involeved in project
35Encl.No.2.35- Benefited villages/Families/Population Certificat
36Encl.No.2.36- NPV calculation certificate as per Hon'ble Supreem court/MoEF order by DFO.
37Encl.No.2.37- Undertaking of payment of NPV, if Hon'ble Supreem Court increses the rates of NPV (by user agency)
38Encl.No.2.38- Cost of the forest land and lease rent certificate by DM
39Encl.No.2.39- Certificate of Lease period by user agency
40Encl.No.2.40- Demarcation of land to be diverted
41EDS date 20.10.2018 Objection Remove date 12.12.2018
42EDS Latter Date 27.04.2018
43Receiving Letter Original hard copy of project E.E. Letter No 1776/13 M.G. Date 12-10-2018
44Revise Authority Letter Date 29-12-2018
45Encl.No.2.41-Undertaking of user agency to bear the cost for dimarcation work
46Encl.No.2.42- Non -availibility of non-forest land for compensatory afforastation certificat by Chief seceratary
47Encl.No.2.43 Check list/Fact sheet./Other imp details
48Compensatory afforestation (the Double Area of Proposed for diversion
49EDS DFO Letter No 2223/12-1 Date 16.02.2019 Objection Remove Date 14.03.2019
50EDS 17.03.2018 Remove letter No 601/13MG Date 03.04.2019
51EDS 29-09-2019 Hard Copy Date 20.11.2019
52Letter No 1345/12-1 Munikireti Date 05.02.2020 Objection Remove
53EDS DAte 14.06.2018 Reply
54E.D.S. Date-23-05-2019 Letter No- 862/13 M.G Date 23.05.2015
55EDS Remove Letter No 2060/13MG Date 24-10-2019
56EDS Date 30.09.2019 द्वारा लगायी गयी आपत्तियों का निराकरण कर दिया गया है पत्र संलग्न है
57A.N.R. (CA Scheme)