Form for seeking prior approval of Central Government under section 2 of the Forest(Conservation) Act,1980 for Diversion of fresh forest area
(To be filled up by User Agency)
A. General Details
A-1. Project Details
  (i). Proposal No. : FP/OR/RAIL/39739/2019   (ii). Name of Project for which Forest Land is required : Proposal for diversion of 18.131ha of forest land for construction of 3rd & 4th Railway line from Jarapada-Budhapank   (iii). Short narrative of the proposal and Project/scheme for which the forest land is required : The goods traffic in the Angul-CTC-Barang and Angul-SBP-Jharsuguda by more than 10 % every year due to the coal and other industrial traffic originating from the MCL coal fields and also that from/to the various power plants and other allied industries coming up in and around area.   (iv). State : Orissa   (v). Category of the Proposal : Railway   (vi). Shape of forest land proposed to be diverted : Linear   (vii). Estimated cost of the Project(Rupees in lacs) : 81002   (viii). Area of forest land proposed for diversion(in ha.): 18.131   (ix). Non-forest land required for this project(in ha.): 96.706   (x). Total period for which the forest land is proposed to be diverted(in years): 99
A-2. Details of User Agency
  (i). Name : DEPUTY CHIEF ENGINEER CON-1   (ii). Address1 : Annex Building West, Rail Vihar   (iii). Address2 : Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar   (iv). State : Orissa   (v). District : Khordha   (vi). Pin : 751023   (vii). Landmark : Near Kalinga Hospital   (viii). Email address :   (ix). Landline Telephone No. : 674-2301139   (x). Fax No. : 674-   (xi). Mobile No. : 8455885256   (xii). Website (if any) : NIL   (xiii). Legal status of User Agency : Central Government
A-3. Details of Person Making Application
  (i). First Name: Sitansu   (ii). Middle Name: Kumar   (iii). Last Name: Acharya   (iv). Gender: Male   (v). Designation: deputychiefengineer   (vi). Address 1: Annex Building West,rail Vihar   (vii). Address 2: Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar   (viii). State: Orissa   (ix). District: Khordha   (x). Tehsil: Chandaka   (xi). Pin: 751023   (xii). Landmark: Near Kalinga Hospital   (xiii). Email Address:   (xiv). Landline Telephone No.: 674-2301139   (xv). Fax No.: NIL   (xvi). Mobile No.: 8455885256   (xvii). Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency:
B. Details of land required for the Project
B-1. Details of proposal seeking prior approval of Central Government under the Act for diversion of forest land for the Project already submitted in the past
List of proposal submitted in Past Proposal Status. Proposal No. Moef File No. Area Proposed for Diversion(Ha.) Area Diverted(Ha.) Date of In-Principle Approval Date of Final Approval
B-2. Details of forest land proposed to be diverted
B-2.1 Details of Divisions involved
Details of Divisions involved Division Name Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
B-2.2 Details of Districts involved
District wise breakup District Name Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
B-2.3 Village wise breakup
Villages wise breakup Village Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
12Ranigoda Jungle0.6882.519
18Derajang Jangal01.369
24Jamunda Jungle0.171.446
Total 18.131 96.706
B-2.4 Component wise breakup
Component wise breakup Component Forest Land(ha.) Non-Forest Land(ha.)
1Railway Track18.13196.706
Total 18.131 96.706
C. Maps of forest land proposed to be diverted
Division 1. : Angul
  (i). Area of forest land proposed to be diverted(in ha.) : 18.131   (ii). Nature of the Project: Linear   (b). No. of Segments : One
Segment wise details
Segments Segment Area(in ha.) Kml File of Segments
(To view KML file on google the same may be downloaded and then open if in google earth install in your computer).
1.18.131    View File
  (iii). Copy of Survey of India Toposheet indicating boundary of forest land proposed to be diverted:   (iv). Scanned copy of the Geo-referenced map of the forest land proposed to be diverted prepared by using GPS or Total Station:
D. Justification for locating the Project in forest land and details of alternatives examined:
  (i). Copy of note containing justification for locating the Project in forest land:   (ii). Whether a copy of map indicating location of alternative examine is required to be provided: No   (a). Reason for not providing such map: its a site specific project.
E. Employment likely to be generated
  (i). Whether the Project is likely to generate employment ?: Yes   (ii). Permanent/Regular Employment(Number of persons): 500   (iii). Temporary Employment(Number of person-days): 50000
F. Displacement of People due to the Project, if any
  (i). Whether Project involves displacement?: No
G. Details of Cost-Benefit analysis for the Project
  (i). Whether the Project requires Cost-Benefit analysis?: No
H. Status of Environmental Clearance
  (i). Whether the Project requires Clearance under the Environment (Protection) Act 1986 ? : No
I. Status of Wildelife Clearance
  (i). Whether the Project or a part thereof is located in any Protected Area or their Eco sensitive zone? : No
J. Applicability of special provisions governing Scheduled Areas
  (i).Whether the Project or a part thereof is located in a Scheduled Area? : No
K. Status of settlement of rights under the Forest Rights Act,2006 on the forest land proposed to be diverted
  (i). Whether the process for settlement of Rights under the Forest Rights Acts 2006 on the forest land proposed to be diverted has been completed? : No
L. Details of land identified for Compensatory Afforestation
  (i). Whether non-forest or Revenue forest land is required to be provided by User Agency?: Not Applicable   (ii). Whether the area of non-forest land or Revenue forest land required to be provided by User Agency for raising Compensatory Afforestation is less than area of forest land proposed to be diverted ?: Not Applicable   (iii) . Reason for not providing Non-Forest Land: Not Applicable
Additional information Details
S.No Documents
1Details Note of Project Area
2Compliance has been made as per the EDS
3Compliance made as per the EDS