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1 Orissa FP/OR/MIN/8570/2010

8-81/2005-FC VOL. Proposal for diversionof1177.2110 ha. of additional forest land in Revenue villages of Upper Jagar, Urumunda, Upar Kainsari, Nitigotha, Ichinda, Ambadahara Salarapentha and Daonla and Gandhamardan Proposed Reserved Forest under Banspal Tahasil & Keonjhar Forest Division for Gandhamardan(Block-B) Iron Ore mining by M/s Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd. during 1st RML Mining M/s OMC Ltd 1177.211 IN-PRINCIPLE
21 Aug 2010

Sought:Factsheet :
23 Sep 2015

Sought:EDS :
12 Nov 2015

Sought:Factsheet :
19 Jul 2017

Sought:EDS :
02 Feb 2018
Stage-I : 14 Sep 2017

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