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Sno.Proposal No.State NameProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal Received onView Report of Part-I & IIView Report of PartIIIView Report of PartIVSBWL Minutes of Meeting and Recommendation of State Govt.Recommendation of NBWLView TimeLine Details
1 FP/AP/Others/641/2016 Andhra Pradesh Installation of Cage Culture of GIFT Tilapia Fish in Kandaleru Reservoir. Others JOINT DIRECTOR OF FISHERIES 0.22 Pending at NBWL
14 Mar 2016
2 FP/AP/ROAD/19911/2016 Andhra Pradesh Roads & Buildings Department, EE, NH, Vijayawada. Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS GOVT OF INDIA 21.343 Pending at NBWL
09 Jun 2016
3 FP/AP/ROAD/22175/2016 Andhra Pradesh Upgradation of NH-565 from Km.361/327 to Km.420/800 (Dornlala T Junction to Penchalakona section ) to two lane with paved shoulders in the state of Andhra Pradesh under NHDP-IV. Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS GOVT OF INDIA 33.459 Pending at NBWL
21 Nov 2016
4 FP/AS/ROAD/722/2016 Assam Four laning work from km 0 to km 17.3 of NH-37A Road NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED 6 Pending at NBWL
03 Jun 2016
5 FP/KL/Others/13159/2015 Kerala Kochi Palakkad(Kanjikode) pipeline project Others KOCHI SALEM PIPELINE PVT LTD 0.4754 Pending at NBWL
17 Jun 2015
6 FP/RJ/WATER/112/2015 Rajasthan Survey & Investigation work for transfer of water from Brahmini – Jawahar Sagar Dam to Bisalpur Dam Drinking Water PDCOR LIMITED 466 Pending at NBWL
29 Jul 2015
7 FP/RJ/IND/201/2015 Rajasthan Tanmay Dhyta Steel Concast Ltd Industry TANMAY DHAYATA STEEL CONCOST LTD 0 Pending at NBWL
26 Sep 2015
8 FP/RJ/Others/17790/2016 Rajasthan PROPOSAL OF RJIL OFC Others RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LIMITED 0.468 Pending at NBWL
08 Feb 2016
9 FP/RJ/Others/692/2016 Rajasthan LAYING OFC CABLE Others IDEA CELLULAR 0.351 Pending at NBWL
28 Apr 2016
10 FP/RJ/Others/862/2016 Rajasthan LAYING OFC CABLE Others IDEA CELLULAR 0.5598 Pending at NBWL
22 Aug 2016
11 FP/RJ/ROAD/865/2016 Rajasthan patch repair work on SH-55 Gudha to jaipur via Jhiari, Andhi Jamwaramgarh KM 66/00 to 71/00 Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT RAJASTHAN JAIPUR 3 Pending at NBWL
24 Aug 2016