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Sno.Proposal No.State NameProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal Received onView Report of Part-I & IIView TimeLine Details
1 FP/UP/Others/1180/2017 Uttar Pradesh laying of OF Cable from from Chainage Km 74+ 560 M (Udi Mod) to Chainage Km 78 ( End point of Chambal Bridge towards Bhind UP -MP boarder Others BBHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED 0.1548 Pending at Wildlife Warden
07 Jan 2017
2 FP/AP/Others/14866/2015 Andhra Pradesh Peddavora to Macharla OFC Project, Idea Cellular Ltd - 0.30 Ha. Others IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED 0.3 Under Considerable in SCNBWL
04 Dec 2015
3 FP/TG/Others/14813/2015 Telangana Peddavora to Macharla OFC Project, Idea Cellular Ltd - 0.35 Ha Others IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED 0.35 Disposed
22 Dec 2015
4 FP/ML/ROAD/11502/2015 Meghalaya Jowai-Ratacherra of NH44 Road NHAI PIU SHILLONG 4.869 Pending With UA
11 Apr 2016
5 FP/AP/ROAD/19041/2016 Andhra Pradesh Formation of BT road from Sivapuramgudem to Kolanubharathi temple Road PANCHAYAT RAJ ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 2.39 Disposed
01 Jul 2016
6 FP/MP/Others/63/2015 Madhya Pradesh Civil Airport in sada area Others PMGSY ID UTTARKASHI 800 Pending at Chief Wildlife Warden
29 Jun 2015
7 FP/TN/IRRIG/564/2016 Tamil Nadu KANNADIAN FLOOD CARRIER CANAL Irrigation PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 0 Pending at Chief Wildlife Warden
04 Feb 2016
8 FP/UP/MIN/942/2016 Uttar Pradesh Mining of 12.14 Ha (30 acres) non forest area, allotted survey no. 829/833, 829/834 & 829/835 of River Ganga located at Vill. Kamauli, Varanasi, U.P Mining RAJESH 0 Pending With UA
24 Oct 2016
9 FP/RJ/Others/17790/2016 Rajasthan PROPOSAL OF RJIL OFC Others RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LIMITED 0.468 Pending at NBWL
08 Feb 2016
10 FP/RJ/Others/911/2016 Rajasthan Reliance 4G Project Others RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LIMITED 0.4725 Pending at Chief Wildlife Warden
29 Sep 2016
11 FP/UP/TRANS/637/2016 Uttar Pradesh Construction of 11 KV Electricity line Transmission Line UP POWER CORPORATION LTD 0.0575 PENDING WITH SBWL
11 Mar 2016
12 FP/RJ/ROAD/749/2016 Rajasthan Test Project Road VAISHANAV INDUSTRY PVT LTD 10 Disposed
24 Jun 2016
13 FP/UP/Others/17864/2016 Uttar Pradesh test proposal Others VAISHANAV INDUSTRY PVT LTD 21 Draft
24 Apr 2017
14 FP/SK/THE/16336/2015 Sikkim thermal Thermal VAISHANAV INDUSTRY PVT LTD 4 Disposed
02 Nov 2015
15 FP/AP/WATER/51/2015 Andhra Pradesh Proposal for Construction of Vontimitta Lift Irrigation Scheme in the Sri Penusula Narasimha Wild life Sancturary. Drinking Water WATER RESOURCES DEPARTMENT 0.984 PENDING WITH SBWL
16 Jun 2015
16 FP/RJ/ROAD/161/2015 Rajasthan NH-148D Gulabpura-Uniara Road National Highways Authority of India 10.8 Disposed
24 Aug 2015
17 FP/MH/TRANS/149/2015 Maharashtra Constnof765KVDCAurangabadtoPadgheTL Transmission Line POWERGRID TL CONSTN 7.6916 Pending at Chief Wildlife Warden
14 Aug 2015
18 FP/RJ/ROAD/19379/2016 Rajasthan Repair of Ramgarh dam to Raisar road, Jamwaramgarh, jaipur, rajasthan. Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT RAJASTHAN JAIPUR 4.875 Pending at Wildlife Warden
12 May 2016
19 FP/RJ/ROAD/865/2016 Rajasthan patch repair work on SH-55 Gudha to jaipur via Jhiari, Andhi Jamwaramgarh KM 66/00 to 71/00 Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT RAJASTHAN JAIPUR 3 Pending at NBWL
24 Aug 2016
20 FP/MH/SCH/7217/2014 Maharashtra Neeraj test proposal School YOGESH KALE 2 Pending at Wildlife Warden
09 Jul 2015
21 FP/TN/ROAD/9818/2015 Tamil Nadu Four laning of NH-47B Nagercoil to Kavalkinaru Road NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY OF INDIA TIRUNELVELI 0.88 PENDING WITH SBWL
28 Mar 2016
22 FP/TN/Others/828/2016 Tamil Nadu Laying OFC along road side MTR area Others RELAINCE JIO INFORCOMM LIMITED 0.71595 Pending at Chief Wildlife Warden
06 Aug 2016
23 FP/BR/RAIL/17585/2016 Bihar Dedicated Freight Corridor Railway DFCCIL 63.85 PENDING WITH SBWL
12 Sep 2016
24 FP/TN/QRY/380/2015 Tamil Nadu Rough Stone & Gravel Quarry of Thiru.D.Mohanraj Quarrying D MOHANRAJ 0 PENDING WITH SBWL
15 Dec 2015
25 FP/TN/IND/226/2015 Tamil Nadu Indane Bottling Plant Industry Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) 0 Pending at Chief Wildlife Warden
13 Oct 2015
31 Mar 2017
27 FP/KL/VELEC/21930/2016 Kerala Electrification of Rosemala area Village Electricity KERALA STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD LTD 0.035 Pending at Chief Wildlife Warden
14 Jan 2017
28 FP/HP/MIN/184/2015 Himachal Pradesh SAND, BAJRI, BOULDER MINING FROM SOHAN KHAD, A TRIBUTARY OF RIVER BEAS (14.25HA) Mining Anita Kumari 0 Pending at Wildlife Warden
10 Sep 2015
29 FP/TN/THE/752/2016 Tamil Nadu M/s ARS Metals Private Limited - Expansion by addition of 1x135 MW (GCPP & in-lieu of the one of the existing 60 MW unit ) and 1 x 135 MW (IPP) imported coal based thermal Power plant Thermal ARS Metals Pvt. Ltd. 0 PENDING WITH SBWL
25 Jun 2016
30 FP/KL/Others/747/2016 Kerala International Ship Repair Facility project of Cochin Shipyard Ltd., Kochi, Kerala Others Cochin Shipyard Ltd 0 PENDING WITH SBWL
24 Jun 2016