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Sno.Proposal No.State NameProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal Received onView Report of Part-I & IIView TimeLine Details
1 FP/RJ/ROAD/30299/2017 Rajasthan Upgradation to 2-lane with paved shoulder configuration of Shapura-Alwar section of NH-248A in the Rajasthan state Road MORTH GOI THROUGH PWD RAJASTHAN STATE 23.5126 Draft
22 Nov 2017
2 FP/JH/Others/27739/2017 Jharkhand Jain Temple of Shri Digambar Jain SAmmedachal Vikash Committee Others SHRI DIGAMBAR JAIN SAMMEDACHAL VIKAS COMMITTEE 0.381 Under Examination
20 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017
4 FP/UP/Others/1866/2017 Uttar Pradesh Proposed HPCL LPG Gas Godown in non forest land on Khadar-Gangapuri Road Gata No.232,Village:Gangapuri,Tehsil:Dhanora District:Amroha Others SHAMIM JAHAN 0.1156 Draft
03 Nov 2017
5 FP/TN/QRY/1855/2017 Tamil Nadu M Srividya Roughstone Quarry Quarrying GEO NATURE 0 Draft
30 Oct 2017
6 FP/TN/QRY/1854/2017 Tamil Nadu R Sadharmasadhana Roughstone Quarry Quarrying GEOENVIRONMENT 0 Draft
29 Oct 2017
7 FP/TN/QRY/1850/2017 Tamil Nadu R. Sankar Rough stone quarry, Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu Quarrying R SANKAR ROUGHSTONE QUARRY 0 Draft
26 Oct 2017
8 FP/TN/Others/1849/2017 Tamil Nadu James college of Engineering and Technology Others JAMES COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY 0 Draft
26 Oct 2017
9 FP/TN/QRY/1846/2017 Tamil Nadu S Kulanthaivelu Roughstone Quarry Quarrying GEOENVIRONMENT 0 Draft
25 Oct 2017
10 FP/TN/QRY/1842/2017 Tamil Nadu K Saravanakumar Roughstone Quarry Quarrying GEOENVIRONMENT 0 Draft
23 Oct 2017
11 FP/TN/QRY/1841/2017 Tamil Nadu K Chinnathambi Roughstone Quarry Quarrying GEOENVIRONMENT 0 Draft
22 Oct 2017
12 FP/TN/QRY/1840/2017 Tamil Nadu G.Murugesan,Earth Soil Quarry Quarrying G MURUGESAN 0 DFO
21 Oct 2017
13 FP/RJ/ROAD/29543/2017 Rajasthan Construction of 4-lane Road on NH-12 (New NH-52) from Km 289.500 to 299.000 (Design Chainage from -0.050 to 9.860) (Darah-Jhalawar-Teendhar section) including 6-lane Elevated Section in Mukandra National Park in the State of Rajasthan under NHDP Phase-III on EPC Mode (Length 9.910 km.) – Package -I Road NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA PIU KOTA 31.84 Pending at MoEFCC(WL)
18 Oct 2017
14 FP/RJ/Others/21735/2016 Rajasthan Extention of Kolana air strip at Jhalawar Others PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT JHALAWAR 120.4062 CF
18 Oct 2017
15 FP/TN/QRY/1833/2017 Tamil Nadu Sangamam Quarry Quarrying SANGAMAM QUARRY 0 DFO
14 Oct 2017
16 FP/RJ/MIN/1829/2017 Rajasthan Limestone (Building stone) mine ML no. 27/93 Mining SRINATH ENTERPRISES PVT LTD 0 Draft
08 Oct 2017
17 FP/RJ/TRANS/1826/2017 Rajasthan NOFN Transmission lines Transmission Line BSNL JAIPUR 0.62 Draft
03 Oct 2017
18 FP/RJ/Others/1706/2017 Rajasthan NATIONAL OPTICAL FIBER NETWORK Others BSNL JAIPUR 0.45 Draft
03 Oct 2017
19 FP/KA/VELEC/1823/2017 Karnataka Electrification of Village/Hamlet in Joida Taluka Village Electricity HESCOM 0.9225 Draft
27 Sep 2017
20 FP/RJ/MIN/1814/2017 Rajasthan Limestone (Building stone) mine Mining SRINATH ENTERPRISES PVT LTD 0 Draft
25 Sep 2017
21 FP/TN/QRY/1821/2017 Tamil Nadu Sethuraman Brick Earth Quarry Quarrying GEOENVIRONMENT 0 Draft
21 Sep 2017
22 FP/TN/QRY/1820/2017 Tamil Nadu Maheswari Roughstone Quarry Quarrying GEOENVIRONMENT 0 Draft
20 Sep 2017
23 FP/TN/QRY/1819/2017 Tamil Nadu M.Badhusha,For Removal of Savudu Quarry Quarrying VALLIAPPAN 0 Draft
19 Sep 2017
24 FP/TN/QRY/1813/2017 Tamil Nadu G. Abraham, Rough stone quarry Quarrying ABRAHAM G 0 Draft
14 Sep 2017
25 FP/TN/QRY/1812/2017 Tamil Nadu Ragusankar Savudu Quarry Quarrying GEOENVIRONMENT 0 Draft
14 Sep 2017
26 FP/TN/QRY/1811/2017 Tamil Nadu Selvarani Savudu Quarry Quarrying GEOENVIRONMENT 0 Draft
14 Sep 2017
08 Sep 2017
28 FP/UP/Others/1797/2017 Uttar Pradesh Ex-post Facto Approval of AQ Frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd. site situated along Kunda Feeder Road, Qasba Bachchraon, Tehsil Dhanaura, Distt. Amroha (U.P.) Others AQ FROZEN FOODS PVT LTD 3.504849 PENDING WITH-SG
07 Sep 2017
29 FP/RJ/Others/1783/2017 Rajasthan Permission of Wildlife Clearance for Construction of Proposed Tourism Hotel Project, atKhasra No.7,9 to17,14/594,19/595,18,20/596,19 to 22,28, 31 to 43,52/597 & 56 in VillageVillage – Chimanpura Urf Dab ka Nala Tehsil-Amer,District-Jaipur Others SHREE RAM KRIPA LAND MARK PVT LTD 0 PENDING WITH-SG
01 Sep 2017
30 FP/RJ/ROAD/28829/2017 Rajasthan Road Repair From Akeda Doonger to Sisyawas Road Km 0/0 to 3/400 Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.2678 CF
01 Sep 2017