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Submitted by User AgencyQuery for Shortcoming(if any) by Wildlife WardenResubmission of Proposal by User AgencyQuery by Wildlife Warden for submitting Hard CopiesUploading(by U.A.) of copies of receipt received from Wildlife WardenWildlife WardenChief Wildlife WardenState Government/SBWLNBWL/MoEFCC(WL)
20/09/201908/01/2020   10/12/2019   11/12/2019
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Communication between Regional Office & State GovernmentCommunication between State Government & Chief Wildlife WardenCommunication between Chief Wildlife Warden & Wildlife WardenCommunication between Wildlife Warden & User Agency
Query raised by Wildlife Warden (Junagadh) on:08/01/2020  
NOTE:- Proposal is pending at User Agency due to EDS raised by Wildlife Warden .