(To be filled by the concerned Deputy Conservator of Forest)
State Serial No. of proposal : OR-032/2016
1. Location of the project/Scheme : Orissa
 (i) State / Union Territory : Orissa  (ii) District : Anugul,Debagarh    (iii) Forest Division : Deogarh  (iv) Area of forest land proposed for diversion (in ha.) : 64.094  (v)

Category of the Proposal: Road
2. Legal status of forest land proposed for diversion
S. No. DivisionForest Land(ha.)Legal Status
1Deogarh17.827Reserved Forest
2Deogarh45.884Revenue Forest
3Deogarh0.383Unclassed Forests
Total 64.094
Division 1. : Deogarh
3. District wise area to be diverted in the division
S. No. DistrictArea(ha.)
4. Details of Vegetation available in the forest land proposed for diversion
 (i) Density of vegetation
S. No. Area(in ha.)Density Eco-Class
162.4430.7Eco 1
21.6510.4Eco 3
Total. 64.094

(ii) Species-wise local/scientific names and girth-wise enumeration of trees at FRL
S. No. Scientific Name Local Name (0-30)cm. (31-60)cm. (61-90)cm. (91-120)cm. (121-150)cm. (>150)cm.
1Acacia AuricuiformisAkasia0311731793217
2Terminalia ArjunaArjuna04639362555
3Terminalia tomentosaAsana0548217174126158
4Morinda tinctoriaAchhu073320
5Mangifera IndicaAmba001223
6Emblica OfficianalisAmda000200
7Spondias pinnataAmbada021000
8Terminalia belericaBahada086111010
9Misc. SpeciesBadajhili081110
10Misc. SpeciesBandana011102
11Misc. SpeciesBandhan000001
12Misc. SpeciesBanura020000
13Ficus BengalensisBara0921315
14Misc. SpeciesBarda010000
15Misc. SpeciesBarakoli041100
16Misc. SpeciesBaula040001
17Aegle marmelosBela0108312
18Semecarpus AnacardiumBhalia0101320
19Misc. SpeciesBhada010000
20Misc. SpeciesBhare010000
21Ziziphus mauritianaBheru020000
22Misc. SpeciesBhuicha001000
23Misc. SpeciesBhuikuruma010000
24Pterocarpus MarsupiumBija041332
25Cassia SiameaChakunda0830311628
26Buchanania lanzanChara0238741721
27Holoptelea integrifoliaChauli011000
28Alstonia ScholarisChhatian001000
29Alstonia ScholarisChhenchena002113
30Misc. SpeciesDahura010100
31Polyainthia LongifoliaDebadaru0164101
32Misc. SpeciesDhabani021101
33Misc. SpeciesDhanra000001
34Misc. SpeciesDharua000100
35Anogeissus latifoliaDhaura061111255
36Misc. SpeciesDhubuni000002
37Misc. SpeciesDhuburi010000
38Ficus LacorDimiri02012636
39Ficus LacorDumuri043000
40Eucalyptus SpsEucalyptus0117810
41Misc. SpeciesFanfana030100
42Misc. SpeciesFasi001000
43Gmelina ArboreaGambhari013131010
44Macaranga peltataGhiridini001000
45Acacia leucophlaeaGilira020112
46Acacia leucophloeaGuhira012110
47Macaranga peltataGurukrupa016100
48Terminalia ChebulaHarida074200
49Syzygium cuminiJamu02932302225
50Misc. SpeciesJari000024
51Misc. SpeciesJayasenda032000
52Misc. SpeciesJhaura010000
53Misc. SpeciesJhiliri088110
54Anthocephalus CadambaKadamba031308
55Anacardium OccidentaleKaju011100
56Misc. SpeciesKalamu0154640
57Mallotus philippinensisKalighanti001000
58Glochidion lanceolariumKaluchia002000
59Diospyros melanoxylonKendu015915815
60Misc. SpeciesKaniyara0130000
61Cleistanthus collinusKarada0211520
62Pongamia pinnataKaranja055564
63Bridelia retusaKashi02924231410
64Acacia CatechuKhaira003000
65Misc. SpeciesKhakada010000
66Misc. SpeciesKhapada041000
67Delonix RegiaKrushanachuda01521412533
68Misc. Specieskubarchikini000200
69Careya arboreaKumbhi03210510
70Misc. SpeciesKurahi085000
71Misc. SpeciesKurdungi010000
72Adina cordifoliaKuruma0131139
73Schleichera oleosaKusum0869212
74Misc. SpeciesLakabhalia010000
75Schleichera oleosaLimba010010
76Lannea coromandelicaMai0201312917
77Lannea coromandelicaMahi0251722117
78Madhuca indicaMahula0192116139134193
79Mitragyna parvifoliaMandi000001
80Mangifera IndicaMango03150453355
81Misc. SpeciesMisc.042171765
82Madhuca indicaMohul010123
83Madhuca indicaMohula039381920
84Mitragyna parvifoliaMundi000011
85Misc. SpeciesMurari001000
86Azadirachta indicaNeem0718101417
87Eucalyptus SpsNilagiri011210
88Butea MonospermaPalasa02215852
89Artocarpus HeterophyllusPanasa021201
91Stereospermum chelonoidesPatuli000010
92Misc. SpeciesPatamasu012000
93Misc. SpeciesPelpura001000
94Misc. SpeciesPudei044100
95Misc. SpeciesPhenphena020100
96Pterocarpus MarsupiumPiasal0101200
97Psidium GuajavaPijuli051000
98Peltoform PterocarpumRadhachuda0715131424
99Misc. SpeciesRahani010000
100Misc. SpeciesRajkusuma010000
101Misc. SpeciesRajamai032402
102Soymida febrifugaRohini026568
103Tectona GrandisSagwan0192310
104Moringa Oliferasajana010000
105Cassia fistulaSonari010000
106Shorea RobustaSal01561376192153493
107Lagerstroemia parvifloraSidha05027833
108Bombox CeibaSimili056145
109Albezzia LabbeckSirisa041013610
110Dalbergia paniculataSujana001000
111Lagistromia LanceolataSubabul001000
112Dalbergia LatifoliaSisoo032110
113Cassia fistulaSunari0127433
114Borasis FlebiliferTal000110
115Cedrela toonaTantana042000
116Tectona GrandisTeak0181481758
117Tamarindus IndicaTentela020000
118Tamarindus IndicaTentuli001436
119Bauhinia retusaValia030000
Total 0 35661545 1202768 1326
Sub Total (No of Trees.) 8407

5. Working plan prescription for the forest land proposed for diversion : NIL
6. Brief note on vulnerability of the forest area to erosion : This is a linear project. The degree of vulnerability erosion varies. Overall vulnerability is not significant.
7. Approximate distance of the proposed site for diversion from boundary of forest(in km.) : 0
8. Significance of the forest land proposed for diversion from wildlife point of view
 (i). Details of wildlife present in and around the forest land proposed for diversion : The area does not come under any wildlife corridor. But there is movement of Wild Elephant often noticed in the nearby forest areas. The other wild animals found in nearby areas includes bear, wild pig, deer, sambar, kutra, python, porcupine etc.
 (ii). Whether forms part of national park, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve,tiger reserve, elephant corridor, wildlife migration corridor etc. : No
 (iii). Whether the forest land proposed for diversion is located within eco-sensitive zone(ESZ) of the Protected Area notified under Wildlife(Protection) Act,1972 (Note: In case, ESZ of a Protected Area is not notified,then,10kms distance from boundary of the Protected Area should be treated as ESZ): No
 (iv). Whether any national park, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve, tiger reserve, elephant corridor, wildlife migration corridor etc., is located within 1 Km. from boundary of the forest land proposed for diversion : No
 (v). Whether any rare/endangered/unique species of flora and fauna found in the area : No
9. Details of any protected archaeological/heritage site/defence establishment or any other important monument located in the area, if any
 (i). Whether any protected archaeological/heritage site/defence establishment or any other important monument is located in the area : No
10. Comment as to the reasonability of the extent of the forest land proposed for diversion
 (i). Whether the requirement of forest land as proposed by the user agency is unavoidable and bare minimum for the project : Yes
11. Details of violation(s), if any ,committed
 (i). Whether any work in violation of the Act or guidelines issued under the Act has been carried out : No
12. Whether work in violation is still in progres(Yes/No) : NIL
13. Details of compensatory afforestation scheme
(i). Patch wise details for Degraded Area (To be earmarked by DFO) (i). Total Financial Outlay for C.A(lacs):
Patch Wise Details Patch No.Area(ha.)Name of PF/RFRangeCompartment NoUploaded KML file of patch
NO Data

Additional information Details
S. No. DocumentsRemarks

14. District Profile District NameGeographical area of the district (in ha.)Forest area of the district (in ha.)Total forest area diverted since 1980 (in ha.)No. of Approved CasesForest Land including penal C.A. (in ha.)Progress of compensatory afforestation as on(date)A) Forest land (in ha.)B) Non-forest land (in ha.)
1Debagarh  2940155090.734149.37274008/06/2017341.42929.09
15. Site inspection report of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer highlighting important facts pertaining to the forest land
Division NameCircleSite inspected ByWhether site inspectedNo. of times site visited Site inspection reportDate of visit
 Nodal OfficerNoNo Data
(Specific recommendation of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer with(Part II,III & Part IV))
16. Specific recommendation of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer for acceptance or otherwise of the proposal with reason
DivisionCircleRecommendation ByRecommendationReasonLetter Whether CF agreed
DeogarhRourkelaDFO RecommendedAfter examining the project proposal and verifying the ground reality through field visit it is convinced that Rehabilitation and Up-gradation of Binjabahal to Tileibani Section of NH-6 from Ch Km. 414.982 to Km. 493.300 is badly needed for diversion of 63.711 of forest land. For facilitating easy vehicular traffic for greater benefit of the general public, the above forest land is the barest minimum requirement for diversion. Hence, the diversion proposal for Rehabili
RourkelaCF RecommendedCost Benefit Ratio is 1:2.17Yes
Nodal Officer RecommendedRecommended for diversion of 64.094 ha of forest land for rehabilitation and up-gradation of Binjabahal to Teleibani Section of NH-6.
Specific recommendation of the State Government(Part V)
17. Specific recommendation of the State Government for acceptance or otherwise of the proposal with reason ( Part V)
StateRecommendation ByRecommendationRecommendation DateRemarksSigning AuthorityNotificationRecommendation Letter
OrissaState SecretaryRecommended20/11/2017 Recommended vide letter no 23872 dated 20.11.2017State Govt. OfficerNo Data
17. Stage-I Clearance Report
Regional OfficeRecommendation ByMoEF File No.Date of Stage-I ClearanceClearance Letter
BhubaneswarRegional Office5-ORA329/2017-BHU15/01/2018
18. Payment made by User Agency
Proposal No.Application No.Total Amount (Rs.)Transaction DateTransaction IDBank NameMode of PaymentUploaded Demand Letter
FP/OR/ROAD/18864/2016ROAD188642016085587340018 Mar 2019SYNBR92019031800423081Corporation BankNEFT/RTGS (Challan)
FP/OR/ROAD/18864/2016ROAD1886420169458303000028 May 2018Corporation BankNEFT/RTGS (Challan)
FP/OR/ROAD/18864/2016ROAD1886420164392221620023 Mar 201813362Corporation BankNEFT/RTGS (Challan)
FP/OR/ROAD/18864/2016ROAD1886420168326616157520 Feb 2018SYNBR92018022000154401Corporation BankNEFT/RTGS (Challan)
19. Uploaded Status of Land to be transferred to Forest Department under FCA (Mutation Details).
  (i). Whether CA Land is mandatorily required in this Proposal : Yes   (ii). Total Land identified for raising CA: 224.328   (iii). No. of Maintenance years: 10   (iv). Total No. of Patches/Parcel: 2
  No. of patches : 1
Patch wise details
Patch No. Shape of land identified for CA Area of Patch/Parcel(in ha.)
  Status of CA Land so identified : Forest Area
Status of CA Land so identified
Name of Forest. Legal Status of Forest Land
Chamakpur PRFOther Forest Land
  No. of patches : 2
Patch wise details
Patch No. Shape of land identified for CA Area of Patch/Parcel(in ha.)
  Status of CA Land so identified : Forest Area
Status of CA Land so identified
Name of Forest. Legal Status of Forest Land
Kalikaprasad RFRF
  (v). Site Name : Chamakpur PRF, Champua Range, Keonjhar forest division   (vi). Location Details : Keonjhar, Odisha   (vii). Uploaded GPS File :   (viii). Uploaded Scanned copy of Map :
20. Mutation Details Verified By Nodal Officer
Proposal No.Verified DateMutation LetterRemarks
FP/OR/ROAD/18864/201617 Aug 2019No DataVerified
21. Compliance Details Submitted by User Agency
Proposal No.Compliance Details submitted on(Date)Uploaded Letter
FP/OR/ROAD/18864/201622 Aug 2019
23. Compliance Details Verified by Nodal Officer
Proposal No.RemarksVerified DateUploaded Letter
FP/OR/ROAD/18864/2016Stage-I compliance forwarded to State Government vide this office Memo No.12301 dated 12.07.2019.03 Oct 2019
24. Stage-II Clearance Details
Proposal No.Date of Stage-II ClearanceProposal StatusClearance Letter
FP/OR/ROAD/18864/201630 Oct 2019APPROVED