(To be filled by the concerned Deputy Conservator of Forest)
State Serial No. of proposal : MN-06/2022
1. Location of the project/Scheme : Manipur
 (i) State / Union Territory : Manipur  (ii) District : Imphal East,Imphal West  (iii) Forest Division : Central Forest Division,Imphal  (iv) Area of forest land proposed for diversion (in ha.) : 12.9746  (v)

Category of the Proposal: Road
2. Legal status of forest land proposed for diversion
S. No. DivisionForest Land(ha.)Legal Status
1Central Forest Division,Imphal10.5893Reserved Forest
2Central Forest Division,Imphal2.3853Unclassed Forests
Total 12.9746
Division 1. : Central Forest Division,Imphal
3. District wise area to be diverted in the division
S. No. DistrictArea(ha.)
1Imphal East4.9644
2Imphal West8.0102
4. Details of Vegetation available in the forest land proposed for diversion
 (i) Density of vegetation
S. No. Area(in ha.)Density Eco-Class
112.974645Eco 1
Total. 12.9746

(ii) Species-wise local/scientific names and girth-wise enumeration of trees at FRL
S. No. Scientific Name Local Name (0-30)cm. (31-60)cm. (61-90)cm. (91-120)cm. (121-150)cm. (>150)cm.
1Albzzia Spp.khok553016222
2OthersQuercus dealbata (Sahi)2114058520
4Emblica Officianalisheikru3052000
5OthersSahi saplings1500000
6OthersCeltis timorensis ( Heikreng)721001
7Syzigium Cuminijam2451000
8OthersQuercus serrata(Uyung )7117700
9OthersUyung saplings24100000
10OthersAreca palm800000
11OthersAshoka saplings4300000
12Ficus BengalensisBanyan001002
13OthersBeetle nut160000
14Mimusops Elengibokul120000
15Zizyphus Jujubaboroi230100
16Calistemon Lanceolatusbottle brush170000
17OthersCassia javanica1133000
18Santalum AlbumCha chandan134690000
19Santalum Albumcha chandan1300000
22Otherschinese teak221000
23Bauhinia ParvifloraChingthrao4300000
26OthersFalse rubber050000
27Psidium GuajavaGuava020000
28Delonix RegiaGulmohor02122001
29OthersHaoshuk saplings000000
31Artocarpus HeterophyllusTheibong3277211
34Mangifera IndicaHeinou27346531
41Greviia Robustakobilla011110
42Erythrina Indicakurao2011300
43Michelia Champakaleihao141000
44Tamarindus indicusMangge010010
45Terminalia ArjunaMayokpha4400000
46Eucalyptus sppNasik1192025152
47Azadirachta Indicaneem130100
52Tectona GrandisTeak230000
54OthersTumitla (Litseae chinensis)20546300
55OthersU- thambal020000
56Schima Wallichii Choisusoi363251121
57Othersuthum naraobi140100
58Gmelina Arboreawang503117120
Total 1120 645291 15836 16
Sub Total (No of Trees.) 2266

5. Working plan prescription for the forest land proposed for diversion : NIL
6. Brief note on vulnerability of the forest area to erosion : As the area is moderately dense forest, the area is less susceptible to erosion
7. Approximate distance of the proposed site for diversion from boundary of forest(in km.) : 0
8. Significance of the forest land proposed for diversion from wildlife point of view
 (i). Details of wildlife present in and around the forest land proposed for diversion : As the diversion site constitutes the peripheral linear forest area near the existing road,no significant presence of wildlife reported.
 (ii). Whether forms part of national park, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve,tiger reserve, elephant corridor, wildlife migration corridor etc. : No
 (iii). Whether the forest land proposed for diversion is located within eco-sensitive zone(ESZ) of the Protected Area notified under Wildlife(Protection) Act,1972 (Note: In case, ESZ of a Protected Area is not notified,then,10kms distance from boundary of the Protected Area should be treated as ESZ): No
 (iv). Whether any national park, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve, tiger reserve, elephant corridor, wildlife migration corridor etc., is located within 1 Km. from boundary of the forest land proposed for diversion : No
 (v). Whether any rare/endangered/unique species of flora and fauna found in the area : No
9. Details of any protected archaeological/heritage site/defence establishment or any other important monument located in the area, if any
 (i). Whether any protected archaeological/heritage site/defence establishment or any other important monument is located in the area : No
10. Comment as to the reasonability of the extent of the forest land proposed for diversion
 (i). Whether the requirement of forest land as proposed by the user agency is unavoidable and bare minimum for the project : Yes
11. Details of violation(s), if any ,committed
 (i). Whether any work in violation of the Act or guidelines issued under the Act has been carried out : No
12. Whether work in violation is still in progres(Yes/No) : NIL
13. Details of compensatory afforestation scheme
Patch wise details for Degraded Area (To be earmarked by DFO)
(i). Total Financial Outlay for C.A(lacs): 69.48
Patch Wise Details Patch No.Area(ha.)Name of PF/RFRangeCompartment NoUploaded KML file of patch
112.9746Langol Extension Reserved ForestSadar West Range5    View file
2112.9746Heingang Reserved ForestSadar East Range2    View file
(ii). Copy of CA scheme details: (iii). Scanned copy of the Geo-referenced map of the forest land proposed for C.A. prepared by using DGPS or Total Station: (iv). Copy of Survey of India Toposheet indicating boundary of forest land proposed for C.A.:
 (V). Copy of NOC from Competent Authority :

Additional information Details
S. No. DocumentsRemarks
1 District profile of Imphal East and Imphal West
2 Concept paper for development of Biodiversity park at Khongampat Awang Leikai ,Lamprai Chingjil
3 Net Present Value
4 Certificate of Non availability of land for CA , Imphal West
5 Certificate of Non availability of land for CA,Imphal East

14. District Profile District NameGeographical area of the district (in ha.)Forest area of the district (in ha.)Total forest area diverted since 1980 (in ha.)No. of Approved CasesForest Land including penal C.A. (in ha.)Progress of compensatory afforestation as on(date)A) Forest land (in ha.)B) Non-forest land (in ha.)
1Imphal West5190051958.55717.124/05/202210.2280
15. Site inspection report of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer highlighting important facts pertaining to the forest land
Division NameCircleSite inspected ByWhether site inspectedNo. of times site visited Site inspection reportDate of visit
 Central Forest CircleCFYesOne07/05/2022
Central Forest Division,ImphalCentral Forest CircleDFOYesOne13/04/2022
 Nodal OfficerNoNo Data
(Specific recommendation of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer with(Part II,III & Part IV))
16. Specific recommendation of the DFO/CCF/Nodal Officer for acceptance or otherwise of the proposal with reason
DivisionCircleRecommendation ByRecommendationReasonLetter Whether CF agreed
Central Forest Division,ImphalCentral Forest CircleDFO RecommendedImphal City is fast developing and there has been increase in traffic volume in the city especially in the recent past resulting in sluggish movement of vehicles. This has also resulted in vehicular accidents, rampant level of pollution, wastage of value time of commuters and fuel etc. In short, the overall economic activity in the city has slowed down due to traffic congestions. The proposed Imphal Ring Road Project is expected to address the above issue by diffusing the traffic movements and contribute in the overall development of Imphal City, more so in its endeavour to becoming a Smart City. Consequent upon the above, the proposed diversion of forest land for the Imphal Ring Road is thus recommended
Central Forest CircleCF RecommendedThe Project proposal of the Public Works Department, Manipur for construction of a Ring Road around the Imphal City is to ensure quick access to important establishments in the City and Bypasses for all the 3 three NHs passing through the State and also to lessen traffic congestions in & around the Imphal city. The proposed forest land is unavoidable and barest minimum. The project proposal for diversion of 12.9746 Hectare Forest lands for construction of the Ring Road around the Imphal City by the PWD, Manipur is recommended with the following conditions a No additional forest land, other than what has been proposed, shall be asked for diversion by the User Agency for the said project. b The User Agency shall provide necessary funds for establishments of 2 Two Biodiversity parks. Yes
Nodal Officer RecommendedThe Project proposal for “Construction of Greater Imphal Ring Road” around the Imphal City is intended to ensure quick access to the important establishments in the city and provide bypass for all the 3 three National Highways NH which will reduce traffic congestion in the Imphal City which is the capital of the State of Manipur. The project proposal may be approved.
Specific recommendation of the State Government(Part V)
17. Specific recommendation of the State Government for acceptance or otherwise of the proposal with reason ( Part V)
StateRecommendation ByRecommendationRecommendation DateRemarksSigning AuthorityNotificationRecommendation Letter
ManipurState SecretaryRecommended09/06/2022Public Utility ProjectState Govt. OfficerNo Data