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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received electronically at RO/HOView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-IView Report (Part-II to Part-V and Stage-I Clearances) View TimeLine DetailsOther Related Documents
1 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/17176/2015 Churamanpurwa-Mohamadpur Link Road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.0345 IN-PRINCIPLE
2 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/11059/2015 Const. of Razapur link road under SCP - 2013-14 Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 0.064 IN-PRINCIPLE
3 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/15816/2015 Proposed BPCL Retail Outlet on Lucknow-Hardoi-Shahjahanpur(SH-25) Road in District Hardoi Others BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED 0.08176 IN-PRINCIPLE
4 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/20045/2016 Protected Forest Land Proposed for Construction of Cycle Track from Bakshi Ka Talab To(CH.482.00 to 488.750)Madiaon along NH-24 in District Lucknow Road CONSTRUCTION DIVISION ONE PWD LUCKNOW 4.8 IN-PRINCIPLE
5 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/23174/2016 Forest Land Proposed to be diverted for Exit/Entry approach of HPCL Retail Outlet on Bilgram-Unnao Road (SH-38), At Gata No-229,230, Village:- Chandpur,Tehsil:- Bilgram, District:- Hardoi Others Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited 0.08471 IN-PRINCIPLE
6 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Approach/150489/2021 IOCL Retail Outlet on Lucknow-Raebareli Road NH-30 (Old NH-24B), In KM 45 (Ch. 44.334 LHS), At Gata No. 161,162,163 Village: Churwa, Tehsil- Mahrajganj , District: Raebareli (Uttar Pradesh). Approach Access INDIAN OIL CORP LTD 0.2507 IN-PRINCIPLE
7 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/31649/2018 Protected Forest Land proposed to be diverted for Exit/Entry approach of of HPCL Retail Outlet on Lalganj-Kalankar Road,in KM 20 Gata No.1406 Village:Naraee, District: Pratapgarh Others Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited 0.082772 IN-PRINCIPLE
8 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/30577/2017 Protected Forest Land proposed to be diverted for construction of Flyover on Rambagh Railway Line In City Allahabad District Allahabad Road UP STATE BRIDGE CORPORATION LTD. BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION UNIT ALLAHABAD 0.0152 IN-PRINCIPLE
9 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Approach/48833/2020 Retail Outlet by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. at KM 14.200 on L.H.S. of Fatehpur-Joniha Road (ODR) at Gata No. 1502, Village-Aswar Tarapur, Tahsil-Fatehpur, District-Fatehpur (UP) Approach Access HINDUSTAN PETROLIUM CORPORATION LIMITED 0.08047 Pending at RO for Stage-II
10 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/12699/2015 Proposed 0.167175 Hectare Protected Forest Area for Exit/Entry Approach to Essar Oil Limited Retail Outlet Others ESSAR OIL LIMITED 0.167175 IN-PRINCIPLE
12 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/10456/2015 widening of old NH-28 Lucknow Faizabad National highway(city portion Barabanki) along with divider and levelled footpath Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER CD PWD BARABANKI 1.48 IN-PRINCIPLE
13 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Approach/157016/2022 Proposed IOCL Retail Outlet on Tanda-Raebareli Road (ODR) in Km No. 3 (CH. No. 0.600 to 0.800, LHS) at Gata No. – 769, Village: - Rabipur bahauddinpur, Tehsil: - Akbarpur, District: - Ambedkarnagar. Approach Access IOCL MARKETING DIVISION ALLAHABAD 0.186863 IN-PRINCIPLE
14 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/39999/2019 Widening and strengthening of road from New NH-9 (Old NH-24) to proposed solid waste management plant at Uppar Ganga Canal Ghaziabad mile 106.775 (170.84 Km) to 107.00 (171.2 Km) and Uppar Ganga Canal Hapur mile 107.00 (171.2 Km) to 107.984 (172.775 Km) in village Galand, Pipalheda, Tehsil Dhaulana, District Hapur Road GHAZIABAD DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY GHAZIABAD 0.8156 IN-PRINCIPLE
15 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Pipeline/53780/2020 Indraprastha Gas Limited project for Laying of 12" NB Carbon Steel Gas Pipeline, 125 mm MDPE & 50 mm Duct in same trench along NH - 24 (New NH - 9) (Delhi - Lucknow Road) from Km. 34.00 to Km. 49.800. Total Km. 15.80 & 0.7900 Ha. in Forest Division Hapur, District Hapur-UP. Pipeline INDRAPRASTHA. GAS LTD. 0.79 Pending With-SG for verifying Compliance of Conditions
16 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/23468/2017 Forest Land Proposed to be diverted for Siti Energy Limited CNG Station on Delhi-Bareilly-Lucknow Road Old NK-24 (City Portion) in km. 164 (CH. 163.100) At Khasra No. 196/3, Village- Mustafabad Tehsil- Moradabad District- Moradabad Others SITI ENERGY LIMITED VASANT KUNJ NEW DELHI 0.1009 IN-PRINCIPLE
17 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/41187/2019 Protected Forest Land Proposed to be diverted for Exit/Entry to New Proposed IOCL Retail Outlet on Chandpur-Bijnore Road(SH-51) IN km.190(RHS) at Gata No.29k Mi and 30K Mai, Village:Jalalpur Buch, Dist:Bijnore Others IOCL MARKETING DIVISION MORADABAD 0.065928 IN-PRINCIPLE
18 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/31314/2018 Construction of Entry and Exit for New HPCL Retail Outlet and protected land is required to be diverted (Under FCA Act 1980 for Non forestry purpose) site situated at villageGunnaur Abdul Hai khasra no.347,348,349 along Meerit-Badaun (Badaun-Babrala) Road km.145 Chainage 144.957 (L.H.S.) Tehsil Gunnaur District Sambha; (U.P.) Others HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD. 0.076964 IN-PRINCIPLE
19 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/148948/2021 Construction OF M/S IOCL Bareilly Prop. MS/HSD Kisan Seva Kendra (Retail Outlet) Protected Land is required to be diverted (FCA 1980 For Non forestry purposed) Site Situated Village Rehpurar Khasra/Gaata No- 446/1 On Patwai-Milak ( O.D.R.-3) Km. 8.709 Chainage 8.743 R(HS) Tehsil Milak District Rampur (U.P.) Others INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED BAREILLY 0.0643 IN-PRINCIPLE
20 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/30202/2017 Forest Land Proposed to be diverted for Widening and Strengthening of (SH-57) Gorakhapur-Pipraich-Kaptanganj Road from km. 7.000 to 8.200km in Gorakhapur District Road CONSTRUCTION DIVISION BUILDING PWD GORAKHPUR 0.96 IN-PRINCIPLE
21 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/17575/2016 Construction of Four Lane: Jalaun to Orai (Bilrayan - Panwari Road SH21 From Km 352.00 to 370.450, Bypass No. 1 & 2 and Remaining Part of NH 25) District-Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh Road PDPWDORAI 35.71435 IN-PRINCIPLE
22 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/TRANS/21318/2016 Powergrid 765kV D/C Orai - Aligarh Transmission line Part-1 of PkgTE06 under WR - NR IRSS Scheme Transmission Line POWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD 0.268 IN-PRINCIPLE
23 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/WATER/47013/2020 Protected Forest Land Proposed to be Diverted for Laying of Drinking Water Pipeline along Jhansi-Bhagwantpura Road from Ch.1.00 to 4.00 Tehsil:Jhansi Under Jhansi Water Supply Reorganization Sechme Phase-1, in District: Jhansi Drinking Water PROJECT MANAGER ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION UNIT UP JAL NIGAM JHANSI 0.4 IN-PRINCIPLE
24 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/WATER/150924/2022 Proposed Laying of Water Distribution Line along different roads, under Badhwar Group of Villages Drinking Water Scheme of Jal Jeevan Mission of Govt. of India, in District:-Jhansi. Drinking Water UTTAR PRADESH WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION MISSION 1.47925 IN-PRINCIPLE
25 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/17403/2016 Proposed BPCL. Retail Outlet On SH-26 Balrampur-Utraula Road, District: Balrampur (Uttar Pradesh) Others BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED 0.08391 IN-PRINCIPLE
26 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/ROAD/9076/2015 Construction (New) of Purab tola link road of Robertsganj Tehsil,Obra Division,Sonebhadra district under State Uttar Pradesh. Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 0.3 IN-PRINCIPLE
27 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/24318/2017 Relicance 4G Project for Laying of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) along with road on SH - 5 (Varanasi-Shaktinagar Road) from Km. 87.00 to 115.00, of total Km. 28.00 & 0.2901 Ha. in Social Forestry Division Obra, District: Obra - UP. Others Reliance Jeo Infocomm Ltd 0.2901 IN-PRINCIPLE
28 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/17767/2016 Proposed HPCL Retail Outlet on Iglas-Aligarh Road, District Aligarh Others Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited 0.077 IN-PRINCIPLE
29 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/27643/2017 Protected Forest Land Proposed to be diverted for Exit/Entry approach to BPCL Retail Outlet on Delhi- Kanpur Road (NH-91) , AT KM 126, (Chainage.125.910), Village:- Sikanderpur Bhukrawali, District:- Aligarh Others BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED 0.055668 IN-PRINCIPLE
30 Uttar Pradesh FP/UP/Others/25541/2017 Protected Forest Land Proposed to be diverted for Exit/Entry of Essar Oil Retail Outlet On Palwal- Tappal-Aligarh Road (SH-22A) At KM.74 Chanage 73-800M, At Khasra No.141 A, Village: Lahosara Bisawan, Block-Lodha, Taluka: Aligarh, District: Aligarh Others Essar Oil Limited 0.075028 IN-PRINCIPLE
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