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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received electronically at RO/HOView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-IView Report (Part-II to Part-V and Stage-I Clearances) View TimeLine DetailsOther Related Documents
1 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/12372/2015 Construction of Pandavthali Uchola Mana Motor Road under District Sector Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.35 IN-PRINCIPLE
2 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10124/2015 Motor road from NH121 situtated kholikhandak tok upto freedom fighter Mastram sundriyal's ancestral village patgaoun Road PWD 1.221 IN-PRINCIPLE
3 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/8916/2014 Mastura-Daira Motor Road Road EECDPWDUKM 1.565 IN-PRINCIPLE
4 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10896/2015 Construction of Ratanpur bend to Andriya-Khera-Ghangarkhal Motor Road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 1.715 IN-PRINCIPLE
5 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10931/2015 Chaplodi - Kuliyani Motor Road Stage I & II Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 2.92 IN-PRINCIPLE
6 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11055/2015 Construction of Mamni-Uroli Motor Road under State sectore Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.1 IN-PRINCIPLE
7 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11810/2015 Construction of Tilwara-Tolab-Maikot & Malkoti-Dangi-Gunao LVR to Motor Road under State Sector Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.375 IN-PRINCIPLE
8 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11811/2015 construction of Road from Km 8 ( Matakhali ) of Arkani-Khandukhal-Muchhyali Motor Road to Village utrasu Devalgaon via Kolta Muchhyali in District Pauri Garhwal. Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 4.435 IN-PRINCIPLE
9 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/16066/2015 Construction of Syal Dobha to Khali Khamoli Motor road from Maniguh motor road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.385 IN-PRINCIPLE
10 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/20189/2016 Construction of Sarkot-Devsari Motor Road. Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 5.964 IN-PRINCIPLE
11 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/29755/2017 protection work of guptkashi Jakholi motor road at km 17 under UDRP Road EECDPWDUKM 0.405 IN-PRINCIPLE
12 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/30013/2017 Construction Of khalundanda to baradanda motor road, Km 12.225 Under PMGSY Road PMGSY BAIJRO 6.463 IN-PRINCIPLE
13 Uttarakhand FP/UK/Others/30148/2017 Reliance 4G Project for Laying of Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) along with road at Hill Side on NH - 07 (SriNagar-Rudraprayag Road) from Km. 344.000 to Km. 367.100 and NH-07 (Rudraprayag-Karanprayag Road) from Km. 367.100 to Km. 384.600 and NH-109 (Rudraprayag-Ukhimath Road) from Km. 0.000 to Km. 34.000 Total Km. 74.60 & 0.7527 Ha. in Forest Division R Others Reliance Jeo Infocomm Ltd 0.6387 IN-PRINCIPLE
14 Uttarakhand FP/UK/Others/34054/2018 Rudraprayag OFC Jakholi-Guptkashi Others RELIANCE JIO 0.54 IN-PRINCIPLE
15 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10168/2015 Sanglakoti - Bhedgoun - Gudinda Motor Road upto Tilkholi - Jajedi Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 1.796 IN-PRINCIPLE
16 Uttarakhand FP/UK/IRRIG/8805/2014 Construction of Siyagad Canal Irrigation UTTARAKHAND IRRIGATION DEPARTMENT 0.231 IN-PRINCIPLE
17 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10743/2015 Construction of Gauna-Bhanali Link motor road from Nizmula-Pana motor road and 90 mtr span steel girder motor bridge Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 1.855 IN-PRINCIPLE
18 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/13453/2015 Construction of Nyay Pancayat Mukhyalya Ustoli Motor Road in District Chamoli Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 4.564 IN-PRINCIPLE
19 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/32113/2018 Construction of Kakola–Sieson–Amartondla–Jaikandi–Bagadhar–Kanda–Ganeshnagar motor road Road EECDPWDUKM 0.833 IN-PRINCIPLE
20 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/9405/2015 Construction of Nauli Bazar to Thapli Motor Road Under Atal Adarsh Gram Yojna in District Chamoli Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 1.253 IN-PRINCIPLE
21 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/20449/2016 Diversion of Forest Land of 2 lane with paved shoulders configuration from Km 0.000 to Km 18.700 (Rudraprayag Bypass to Nakot) of NH-109 in the State of Uttarakhand Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS 6.1678 IN-PRINCIPLE
22 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/33974/2018 bawai to chauki barsil motor road Road PMGSY 1.5225 IN-PRINCIPLE
23 Uttarakhand FP/UK/TRANS/36908/2018 Construction of 400 KV DC Transmission line from Pipalkoti to Srinagar under Package-1 from Pipalkoti to Simlasu (pokhari) Transmission Line POWER TRANSMISSION CORPORATION OF UTTRAKHAND LTD 95.577 IN-PRINCIPLE
24 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/12157/2015 construction of hanumanchatti pindki mardresh motar marg Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.895 IN-PRINCIPLE
25 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/14462/2015 Construction of Daudha Motar Road Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 0.91 IN-PRINCIPLE
26 Uttarakhand FP/UK/WATER/26647/2017 Nalkoop construction in Devanchal Vihar Drinking Water UTTARAKHAND PEYJAL SANSADHAN VIKAS EVAM NIRMAN NIGAM DEHRADUN 0.003 IN-PRINCIPLE
27 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11022/2015 Mahasu Devta Thana Link Motor Road Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 0.3465 IN-PRINCIPLE
28 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11483/2015 Panjitilani to Sainj MR Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 0.9975 IN-PRINCIPLE
29 Uttarakhand FP/UK/Others/19479/2016 Protection/Treatment work on Chronic land slide zone on Aglad-Thathyud Motor (Chanage 6.40 to 6.8) Others ADB PWD NEW TEHRI 1.5 IN-PRINCIPLE
30 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/19607/2016 Construction of Motor Road To Narayan Singh House From Km 16 From Nine Begha -Rikholi Main Motor Road . Road RURAL WORKS DEPARTMENT 0.889 IN-PRINCIPLE
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