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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
Using this report, you can view details of proposals (Received on or after 15th July 2014) . Click on Proposal no to view detail of FORM-B part I. Click on   to print
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received electronically at RO/HOView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-IView Report (Part-II to Part-V and Stage-I Clearances) View TimeLine DetailsOther Related Documents
1 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/33941/2018 construction of Khutani-Bhawali-Dhanachuli-Okhalkanda-Khansyu-Patlot Motor Road. Valley Bridge in Km-85 of Khansyu, State Road No. 64 Proposed Span of New Bridge - 42.00 mtr.under section UDRP World Bank Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 0.02 IN-PRINCIPLE
2 Uttarakhand FP/UK/Others/25192/2017 Diversion of .93 ha for optical fiber cable laying along with road edge on NH-87 From Ms 123 to Ms 89 (Nanital to Ranibagh) Others IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED 0.93 IN-PRINCIPLE
3 Uttarakhand FP/UK/WATER/144750/2021 Devidhura Koon Pumping Drinking Water Scheme Drinking Water PEYJAL NIGAM BHIMTAL 0.3627 IN-PRINCIPLE
4 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/27736/2017 Construction of Lambagad (Nailbend)to Jhoomakhet Link Motor road under PMGSY Road RES PMGSY KARANPERAYAG 2.4165 Pending at RO for Stage-II
5 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/39084/2019 Construction of Triyuginarayan to Toshi moter road Road EECDPWDUKM 4.5 Pending at RO for Stage-II
6 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/12951/2015 Guachar- sidoli- Dhanpur m/r extension Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT GOPESHWAR UTTARAKHAND 2.23 IN-PRINCIPLE
7 Uttarakhand FP/UK/WATER/13054/2015 Gairsain Vidhan Sabha Parisar Drinking Water supply Drinking Water UJN_RUDRAPRAYAG 0.55 IN-PRINCIPLE
8 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10924/2015 Construction of Motor Road from Km. 1 of Mahavidhyalaya Talwari to Government Inter Collage Talwari. Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.708 Pending at RO for Stage-II
9 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11810/2015 Construction of Tilwara-Tolab-Maikot & Malkoti-Dangi-Gunao LVR to Motor Road under State Sector Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.375 Pending at RO for Stage-II
10 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/16066/2015 Construction of Syal Dobha to Khali Khamoli Motor road from Maniguh motor road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.385 Pending at RO for Stage-II
11 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/121750/2021 Construction of Dungra (Bachansyu) to Arsuin Motor road under State Sector Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 1.69 IN-PRINCIPLE
12 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/9783/2015 Construction of Koti Band to Ghathora Motor Road and 2 R.C.C. Bridge in district Chamoli Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 1.099 Pending at RO for Stage-II
13 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/18867/2016 Construction of Kurur to Kundbagar Motor Road. (Length 1.00 Km) Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 0.81 IN-PRINCIPLE
14 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/32113/2018 Construction of Kakola–Sieson–Amartondla–Jaikandi–Bagadhar–Kanda–Ganeshnagar motor road Road EECDPWDUKM 0.833 IN-PRINCIPLE
15 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/16517/2015 Construction of motor road to SC village Chalthar from Chamoli-Palethi-Sartoli motor road. Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 4.088 IN-PRINCIPLE
16 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/119756/2021 sanbend san syund to saterakhal Motor road Road PMGSY 0.958 IN-PRINCIPLE
17 Uttarakhand FP/UK/OFC/41939/2019 OFC - Nandprayag-Bhenti Optical Fibre Cable RELIANCE JIO 0.416 IN-PRINCIPLE
18 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10556/2015 Construction of motor road to connect Thalmar village. Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 2.205 IN-PRINCIPLE
19 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/16265/2015 Deghat Talli Narayan Mandir Malbheedha Dharkot Shera Munani Malikhet Nagchulakhal Motor Road. Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 5.2731 IN-PRINCIPLE
20 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/16306/2015 Rawatsera-Dobargara-Dhari-Madhya-Raitoli motor road in District-Bageshwar Road PROVINCIAL DIVISION PWD BAGESHWAR 2.425 IN-PRINCIPLE
21 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10802/2015 Farakholi-Malli Mayoli M/R Road CONSTRUCTION DIVISION PWD ALMORA 2.802 IN-PRINCIPLE
22 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/16996/2015 Construction of Jalna to TRC Toli Motor Road.(length-3.00KM) Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 0.858 IN-PRINCIPLE
23 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/50526/2020 Naula To Salla Rautela Motor Road In Almora Disst. Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 0.38 IN-PRINCIPLE
24 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11200/2015 jakh to garau darimi motor road Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 0.98 Pending at RO for Stage-II
25 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11538/2015 Extension till siddhdhpur of Khunt Kakrighat Motor Road in Someshwer constituency Distt. Almora Length 2.375 KM) Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 0.882 IN-PRINCIPLE
26 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/13914/2015 Deghat to Lalnagari Motor Road Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 3.844 IN-PRINCIPLE
27 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11159/2015 construction of Kill wartiakot motor road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 3.6 IN-PRINCIPLE
28 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/40805/2019 New Construction of Chandak to Dhari Motor Road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 1.911 IN-PRINCIPLE
29 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/15092/2015 Exaction fo Basera band to Kuna dhanyari Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.63 IN-PRINCIPLE
30 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/9364/2015 Construction of BAYELA NAD Motor Road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 4.417 Pending at RO for Stage-II
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