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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
Using this report, you can view details of proposals (Received on or after 15th July 2014) . Click on Proposal no to view detail of FORM-B part I. Click on   to print
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Note :-All areas are in Hectares(ha.)
Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received (at Nodal Officer) electronically onView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-I View TimeLine Details
1 Haryana FP/HR/Approach/119688/2021 Acceleration & Deceleration lanes as per PWD norms (Including already approved area of 0.0095 Hect.) at Retail Outlet (Petrol Pump) at Village Rapdi Approach Access IOCL PANIPAT DIVISIONAL OFFICE 0.091 Under Examination 16-Jan-2021
2 Haryana FP/HR/IRRIG/20164/2016 Lining of channel in the land of existing abandoned channel Irrigation Irrigation Department 7.61 Under Examination 23-Jun-2016
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