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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
Using this report, you can view details of proposals (Received on or after 15th July 2014) . Click on Proposal no to view detail of FORM-B part I. Click on   to print
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received (at Nodal Officer) electronically onView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-I View TimeLine Details
1 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/12027/2015 Bedabedwal to Sugarkhal Motor Road Road PMGSY LOHAGHAT 6.945 Pending at RO 23-Apr-2015
2 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38448/2019 Construction of Nandprayag Ghat M/R K.M. 15 to Jakhani Motor Road Under PMGSY Road PMGSY 2.3975 Pending at RO 26-Feb-2019
3 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/12645/2015 Binta-Someshwar motor road km 17 to Nayalgaon(3.500km) Road CONSTRUCTION DIVISION PWD ALMORA 1.3325 Pending at RO 15-May-2015
4 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/39213/2019 Majkhali-Digoti motor Road to Majethi Village Motor Road(Length 4.00KM) Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 0.638 CF 01-Mar-2019
5 Uttarakhand FP/UK/OFC/42004/2019 OFC Kakri Mailot Optical Fibre Cable RELIANCE JIO 0.372 DFO 12-Sep-2019
6 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/20710/2016 Purukul village to Bhitarli- Kimari MR Road PMGSY ID DEHRADUN 3.528 Pending at RO 28-Jul-2016
7 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/40356/2019 Darimkhola to Sakaniyakot Motor Road (Link Road) Under PMGSY Road PMGSY 0.455 Nodal Officer 22-May-2019
8 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36932/2018 Km 5.64 of Paperseli to balta MR to Malla Bintola Motor Road under PMGSY (Link Road) Road PMGSY 1.9 Nodal Officer 06-Nov-2018
9 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36936/2018 Construction of Chanoda to Bheta Motor Road Under PMGSY (Link Road) Road PMGSY 3.831 Nodal Officer 06-Nov-2018
10 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/34330/2018 Construction Of Rikhad to Dhobighat motor road stage-I, Km 7.675 Under PMGSY Road PMGSY BAIJRO 7.3142 Pending at RO 25-Jun-2018
11 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/27524/2017 Construction of Amjar to Suwakot Pokhari Motor Road under PMGSY in Nainital District . Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 3.36 Pending at RO 28-Jul-2017
12 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/11142/2015 Naudkhal Malakota Road to Sirasu M R Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 9.541 DFO 21-Mar-2015
13 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/16517/2015 Construction of motor road to SC village Chalthar from Chamoli-Palethi-Sartoli motor road. Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 4.088 DFO 16-Nov-2015
14 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/10861/2015 Construction of Bandwara to Kandai moto road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.91 DFO 05-May-2015
15 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38657/2019 Udaypur to Agaspur-Masour-Kametpani Motor Road Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 2.528 DFO 26-Feb-2019
16 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/29188/2017 Km 7 of Kapkot Pindari Glashir MR to Baret Motor Road Road PMGSY 4.417 CF 13-Sep-2017
17 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/18062/2016 Construction of Birmola-Rayal motor road. Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.643 DFO 18-Feb-2016
18 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38399/2019 Construction of Tanakpur - Aambag M/R to Chhinigoth M/R under PMGSY Champawat Road PMGSY 3.9 DFO 05-Aug-2019
19 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36930/2018 Naugaon to Selakot Kane Rikhad Mehragaon Link Motor Road Road PMGSY 8.96 Nodal Officer 12-Nov-2018
20 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38306/2019 Construction of Raintoli Jasoli Nagrasu MR Road PMGSY 8.02 Pending at RO 20-Feb-2019
21 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38778/2019 Construction of Pora Rama Motor Road. Road PWD 0.613 DFO 20-Feb-2019
22 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/21667/2016 Construction of Sarpuda to Baggha Chauwan Road in Khatima under CM Ghosna No. 1952/2015 Road RURAL WORK DEPARTMENT UDHAM SINGH NAGAR 2.1 Pending at RO 01-Oct-2016
23 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36314/2018 Construction of Devban Tapasthali Motor Road From Km. 10 of Khoonigad Saras Motor Road, in Block Mori of District Uttarkashi, Under CM Announcement No. 234/2013 Road PWD 6.807 Nodal Officer 04-Oct-2018
24 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/16997/2015 Construction of Naula to Salla Motor Road(Length 1.00KM) Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 0.38 DFO 08-Feb-2016
25 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/41149/2019 New Construction of Lachair to Katyani Motor Road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 5.6 DFO 16-Jul-2019
26 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/40174/2019 Construction of Javri to Jaikandi(extension Ajaipur to Kakola) MR Road PMGSY 1.501 Nodal Officer 08-May-2019
27 Uttarakhand FP/UK/OFC/42331/2019 OFC-Almora Seni Range Optical Fibre Cable RELIANCE JIO 0.601 DFO 01-Oct-2019
28 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/29926/2017 From Supana Dhari Motor road to Bhyupani Road PWD 2.8735 Pending at RO 06-Nov-2017
29 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36015/2018 Missing LInk from Paindula Bend to Amroli-Kandoli-Maikhandi Motor road Road PWD 1.68 Pending at RO 19-Sep-2018
30 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38359/2019 Construction of Naikhari to Kotakhal (Jhanau) Motor Road, Stage I Road PMGSY PWD KIRTINAGAR 2.693 DFO 26-Feb-2019
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