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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
Using this report, you can view details of proposals (Received on or after 15th July 2014) . Click on Proposal no to view detail of FORM-B part I. Click on   to print
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received (at Nodal Officer) electronically onView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-I View TimeLine Details
1 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/40174/2019 Construction of Javri to Jaikandi(extension Ajaipur to Kakola) MR Road PMGSY 1.501 Pending at RO 08-May-2019
2 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/19158/2016 2 Lane Widening of NH 123 (507) Km 75 to 101 Motor Road in Distt. Uttrakashi Road NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORTY OF INDIA PIU DEHRADUN 31.86 DFO 29-Apr-2016
3 Uttarakhand FP/UK/Others/27699/2017 Construction of Weir/reservorat Ghatgaad Gadhera. Others Irrigation Department 0.19 DFO 02-Aug-2017
4 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/33416/2018 Kharsai -Gwad Matha 2.5 km Motor Road extension Road TEMPORARY DIVISION PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT GAUCHAR 0.87 DFO 02-May-2018
5 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36902/2018 The Additional land requirement for land slide treatment and muck dumping for Rehabilitation and Upgradation to 2 lane with paved shoulder configuration from existing Km 122.00 (Dharasu Bend) to Km 147.230 (Silkyara Bend) Design chainage 0.00 to Km 24.30) of NH-94 in the state. Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS GOVT OF INDIA NEW DELHI 5.969 Pending at RO 02-Nov-2018
6 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38058/2019 Mangoli Khamari Thapla Jalalgaon to Dechori MR Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 5.445 DFO 05-Jan-2019
7 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38058/2019 Mangoli Khamari Thapla Jalalgaon to Dechori MR Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 5.445 DFO 05-Jan-2019
8 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/29205/2017 Construction of Kharlekh Bhanar Km 1 to Nakana Ba sora Motor road (Length 5.00 Km) Road PMGSY 3.15 Pending at RO 13-Sep-2017
9 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/15092/2015 Exaction fo Basera band to Kuna dhanyari Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.63 Pending at RO 03-Sep-2015
10 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36098/2018 Construction OF Soughar Pantgoun Chamarkhan Sageena Motor Road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.225 DFO 05-Oct-2018
11 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38217/2019 Constraction of Gairkhet to Jourasi Motor road Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.835 CF 23-Jan-2019
12 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/37111/2018 Almora Ghat Motor Road Km 31 to Kotligunthi Road PMGSY 4.235 Pending at RO 19-Nov-2018
13 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/34230/2018 Construction of motor road from Jeeyanauli (Jipanauli) Ranibag Road EE CD NAINITAL 0.981 Pending at RO 15-Jun-2018
14 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/21140/2016 Sahid Hari Singh Tuolbudhand to Ratkhal Motor Road Sanction Under CM Ghosana no. 492/201 Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 2.52 DFO 29-Aug-2016
15 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/17561/2016 Construction of Dhora Magzeen to dola Chana Parkhet Chida Beeni Tamta Motor Road(length-4.00KM) Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 2.022 Pending at RO 18-Jan-2016
16 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/22108/2016 Extension of Bagoli Jenta Koti Gwalkhet Penkhuli Motor Road to Bainitaal in Block Karanprayag under C.M.Ghosna Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 3.606 Nodal Officer 29-Oct-2016
17 Uttarakhand FP/UK/WATER/41848/2019 Chinyalisour Water Supply Scheme Drinking Water CONSTRUCTION DIVISION UTTARAKHAND PAYJAL NIGAM 0.5262 DFO 28-Feb-2020
18 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36591/2018 Link Road Bageshwar Dofar Dharmghar MR to Benlekh Horali Dhamigaoun Keraie Motor road Length 8.00 Km Road PMGSY 2.61 Pending at RO 17-Oct-2018
19 Uttarakhand FP/UK/OFC/44739/2020 OFC -Ghansali Koti Optical Fibre Cable RELIANCE JIO 0.595 CF 24-Feb-2020
20 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/37559/2018 Basolikhan Chamtola Motor Road to Nayaldhura Motor Road. Road PMGSY 2.275 Nodal Officer 28-Dec-2018
21 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/18062/2016 Construction of Birmola-Rayal motor road. Road PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.643 DFO 18-Feb-2016
22 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/8278/2014 Construction of motor rord from Kool choufula to gram dol Road EE CD NAINITAL 2.025 Pending at RO 27-Nov-2014
23 Uttarakhand FP/UK/OFC/43781/2020 OFC Lansdowne- Dhumakot Optical Fibre Cable RELIANCE JIO 0.453 Nodal Officer 10-Jan-2020
24 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38795/2019 Construction of Almora-Shaharfatak Motor Road to Garapani to Village Bajethi-SC Village Gwaldyo Motor Road. Length 3.600KM Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 2.588 DFO 06-May-2019
25 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/14659/2015 Construction of motor Road & steel girder Bridge at Confluence of Balganga & Bhilangana River For Connecting Balganga College Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT GHANSALI 1.085 Pending at RO 18-Aug-2015
26 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/37544/2018 Pilkhi Nail Baunsala Vanchuri Road Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT GHANSALI 2.89 DFO 12-Jul-2019
27 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/30102/2017 Mitigation of Lambagarh landslide Zone in KM 504.309 of NH-58 in the State of Uttarakhand Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS 3.5 DFO 08-Nov-2017
29 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/38359/2019 Construction of Naikhari to Kotakhal (Jhanau) Motor Road, Stage I Road PMGSY PWD KIRTINAGAR 2.693 Pending at RO 26-Feb-2019
30 Uttarakhand FP/UK/ROAD/36930/2018 Naugaon to Selakot Kane Rikhad Mehragaon Link Motor Road Road PMGSY 8.96 DFO 12-Nov-2018
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