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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
Using this report, you can view details of proposals (Received on or after 15th July 2014) . Click on Proposal no to view detail of FORM-B part I. Click on   to print
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received (at Nodal Officer) electronically onView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-I View TimeLine Details
1 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/148576/2021 Link Road from Shangroo to Nagni Gujjar Basti. Road PWD(R&B) DIVISION BHADERWAH 0.43 Nodal Officer 20-Oct-2021
2 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/157238/2022 Construction of phase 2nd of ongoing Road from Katyara to Kansar via Haddal from House of Sh. Rattan Lal village Lower Haddal to Village Bharai via village Upper Haddal Road PWD(R&B) DIVISION BHADERWAH 0.165 DFO 27-Jun-2022
3 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/140798/2021 Construction 27 mtr span double lane motorable streel Girder bridge over Sugal Khad at Guni including construction of approach road Gunni to Sarthan Road XEN PWD BASOHLI 1.71 Pending at RO 07-Apr-2021
4 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/147229/2021 Road from Chattergala to Kailash kund Via. Seojdhar. Road R&B DEPARTMENT JAMMU 7.4 DFO 20-Sep-2021
5 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/147229/2021 Road from Chattergala to Kailash kund Via. Seojdhar. Road R&B DEPARTMENT JAMMU 7.4 DFO 20-Sep-2021
6 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/149888/2021 Construction/Improvement from CL-09 to NHDL specifications of road Dayalchak-Ramkot (Challan) KM 8.00 to KM 25.421 (Net length 17.421 Km) in J&K (UT) Road 69 RCC BORDER ROADS ORGANIZATION 12.0147 Nodal Officer 08-Dec-2021
7 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/TRANS/55049/2020 Construction of 132 KV Alusteng - Badampora Transmission Line ( ABTL) Transmission Line TLMD 7 JKPTCL KASHMIR 7.25 DFO 01-Dec-2020
8 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/155208/2022 Construction of Road from Patrari to Dandesar Bala by PWD Division Nowshera under Languishing Scheme Road PWD (R&B) DIVISION NOWSHERA 0.5812 Pending at RO 09-May-2022
9 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/TRANS/152211/2022 Construction of LILO of 220 KV Udhampur-Gladni Transmission Line at Nagrota GSS Transmission Line JAMMU AND KASHMIR STATE POWER TRANSMISSION COMPANY LIMITED 11.2525 Pending at RO 10-Feb-2022
10 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/150343/2021 Construction Of Road from Ramakunda To Gool Road PWD R&B JAMMU 3.27 Pending at RO 18-Dec-2021
11 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/Others/153336/2022 Installation of Mobile Tower at Manoha Others SUMMIT DIGITEL INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED 0.01 DFO 10-Mar-2022
12 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/157204/2022 Construction of road from Chuntwaliwar to Mohan Marg Lal Marg RD 3500 to RD 12000 at Lar Ganderbal Road CHIEF ENGINEER PWD (R&B) KASHMIR 6.235 DFO 27-Jun-2022
13 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/154374/2022 Construction of Road from Km 4th of of Lar Waliwar Road to Tragbal at Lar Ganderbal Road CHIEF ENGINEER PWD (R&B) KASHMIR 6.025 DFO 24-Apr-2022
14 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/146404/2021 Upgradation of road from Thial to Chountra Mata KM 6th RD 500 to KM 19th RD 500. Road AEE PWD (R&B) SUB DIVISION MAJALTA 5.6 Pending at RO 25-Aug-2021
15 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/152729/2022 4 Laning of Nasri-Ramban Section of NH 44 (old NH1A) at CRITICAL LOCATIONS between km 130 and km 151 in the UT of Jammu & Kashmir Road NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY OF INDIA 3.4482 Pending at RO 23-Feb-2022
16 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/ROAD/147077/2021 Construction and Upgradation of Bijarni to Lal Draman Link Road Km 1st to Km 10th Rd (600). Road PWD R&B SPL SUB DIVISION DODA 1.137 DFO 10-Sep-2021
17 Jammu and Kashmir FP/JK/TRANS/119642/2021 Zainakote Alusteng Mirbazar transmission Line 220kv D/C Transmission Line TLMD 7 JKPTCL KASHMIR 2.48 Nodal Officer 16-Jan-2021
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