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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received (at Nodal Officer) electronically onView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-I View TimeLine Details
1 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/50559/2020 C/O Link road from DABALLA DANGA TO CHAMBAR Km. 0/0 to 3/700 Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.358 Pending at RO 07-Oct-2020
2 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/SCH/152809/2022 Construction of Kendriya Vidyalya at Rajpura Distt. Bilaspur H.P. School DIRECTORATE OF HIGHER EDUCATION 2.1373 Pending at RO 19-Mar-2022
3 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/SCH/19350/2016 Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ghumarwin School DEPUTY DIRECTOR 2.26 Pending at RO 02-Dec-2016
4 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/145005/2021 C/O Jeepable/Ambulance road to village Fathachi (Uprali) Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.3673 Nodal Officer 19-Jul-2021
5 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/Others/154366/2022 Construction of Community Center at Ghuwandal Chowk for Temple Trust Shri Naina Devi Ji Distt. Bilaspur H.P. Others DISTRICT COLLECTOR BILASPUR (HP) 0.9518 DFO 13-Apr-2022
6 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/Others/154388/2022 Construction of community center at Kolan Wala Toba for Temple Trust Shri Naina Devi Ji District Bilaspur H.P. Others DISTRICT COLLECTOR BILASPUR (HP) 0.6852 DFO 13-Apr-2022
7 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/Others/155238/2022 C/o Parking near Matri Anchal, Matri Sharan Phase 2nd , Glass Bridge & SKG Collage Building for Temple Trust Shri Naina Devi Ji, distt. Bilaspur (H.P.) Others DISTRICT COLLECTOR BILASPUR (H.P.) 0.94 DFO 11-May-2022
8 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/152609/2022 C/O Jeepable/Ambulance Road from Jalog Himari road Khaneri to Village Bheyong Km 0/00 to 1/110. Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.1515 DFO 19-Feb-2022
9 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/29754/2017 Nankhari Tanash Chari road Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.0172 Pending at RO 18-Oct-2017
10 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/41188/2019 C/o Proposed Road for M/S Ojas Gram Tourism site at Koti Shergata. Road OJAS GRAM 0.2569 Nodal Officer 16-Jul-2019
11 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/WATER/154985/2022 Augmentation of Source of various LWSS from River Beas under Barsar Area (Barsar Constituency) in Tehsil Barsar Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.). Drinking Water JAL SHAKTI VIBHAG 0.9379 DFO 28-Apr-2022
12 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/HYD/40895/2019 Suket Small Hydro Project on Suket Khad Hydel SUKET HYDRO 0.8738 Pending at RO 22-Aug-2019
13 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/TRANS/130156/2021 Construction of LILO from 400KV D/C Transmission line Lahal to Rajera at Tower no 8 to Pot Head yard for Evacuation of Power of JSW ENERGY (KUTEHR)LTD KUTEHR HEP 3X80 MW Vill. Machhettar Post Chanhota Transmission Line JSW ENERGY LIMITED 3.7904 Pending at RO 13-Mar-2021
14 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/Others/145662/2021 Fire Post at Ani Others COMMANDANT HOME GUARDS 7TH BN KULLU 0.0768 Pending at RO 06-Aug-2021
15 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/143122/2021 C/O Ambulance road Judicial Court Complex to Chakkar Dhar Ward No-9 Kachighati Shimla. Road Commissioner MCS 0.0434 Pending at RO 04-Jun-2021
16 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/Others/156333/2022 Construction of wholesale fisheries marketing center and infrastructure in District Bilaspur H.P. Others FISHERIES HIMACHAL PRADESH 0.2032 DFO 04-Jun-2022
17 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/156138/2022 Construction of Link road from Ghungra to Nainaseri Km. 0.00 to 5.300 Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 1.69 DFO 29-Jun-2022
18 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/44943/2020 C/o Jeep-able/Ambulance link road Gadahu to village Daban KM 0/000 to 1/000 Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 0.7296 Nodal Officer 06-Mar-2020
20 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/IND/149370/2021 Setting up of new Industrial Area/ Handicrafts Cluster in Tehsil and Distt. Chamba (HP). Industry DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIES HIMACHAL PRADESH 1.296 DFO 16-Nov-2021
21 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/Others/118812/2021 Construction of Sewerage Scheme adjoining area of Manali Town District Kullu (H.P.) Others JAL SHAKTI VIBHAG GOVT. OF HIMACHAL PRADESH 4.46 Pending at RO 09-Jan-2021
22 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/145994/2021 Diversion of 0.9036 hectare Forest land (between R/D 117+350 to R/D 117+530 under village Srinagar and R/D 127+530 to R/D 127+680 under Village Katoh) Four laning of Solan-Kaithlighat of NH-22 (New NH-05) from km 106.139 to km 129.050 under NHDP Phase-III on EPC mode pattern in the State of Himachal Pradesh. Road NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY OF INDIA PIU SHIMLA 0.9036 Pending at RO 27-Aug-2021
23 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/HYD/25627/2017 Proposed Hydro Power Project at Upper Makkan -II (5MW) Small Hydro Power Project Hydel HIMJAL HYDEL POWER PVT. LTD 2.74 Pending at RO 30-Nov-2018
24 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/21589/2016 C/O Padech to Deefaug Batiyad Kadech road Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 2.2973 Nodal Officer 21-Oct-2016
25 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/50558/2020 Bailly to Dukka Via Lunna (0 to 6/000 km) Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 4.388 CF 07-Oct-2020
26 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/Others/33179/2018 Police Post at Jutog Others POLICE 0.2099 Pending at RO 19-Apr-2018
27 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/47175/2020 Link Road from Dadriara to Chakki Km. 0/0 to 13/500 Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 6.2455 Pending at RO 15-Jul-2020
28 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/WATER/153016/2022 Source level Augmentation of various Water Supply Scheme under Jal Shakti Sub-Division Swarghat in Tehsil Shri Naina Devi Ji District Bilaspur (H.P.) [NDB]. Drinking Water JAL SHAKTI VIBHAG GOVT. OF HIMACHAL PRADESH 1.6037 DFO 01-Mar-2022
29 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/HYD/32380/2018 Toral Kundli Hydel JAGDAMBEY HYDRO PROJECTS LLP 3.2869 Nodal Officer 19-Mar-2018
30 Himachal Pradesh FP/HP/ROAD/152723/2022 Link Road Reog to Galanghatti via Dawala Road HIMACHAL PRADESH PUBLIC WORK DEPARTMENT 5.7946 CF 26-Feb-2022
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