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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received (at Nodal Officer) electronically onView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-I View TimeLine Details
1 Gujarat FP/GJ/ROAD/29279/2017 Widening of Mansa - Vihar road (0/00 Km - 12/00 Km) of District Gandhinagar Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER CAPITAL DIVISION GANDHINAGAR 7.8 Pending at RO 16-Sep-2017
2 Gujarat FP/GJ/TRANS/41713/2019 Protected Forest Proposal for erection of 220 KV D/C Radhanesada-Vav (Khimanavas) Line (0.304 Ha.) Transmission Line GUJARAT ENERGY TRANSMISSION CORP LTD 0.304 DFO 01-Sep-2019
3 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/40365/2019 Proposal for laying OFC for Jio Digital Fibre Private Limited 4G Dang North District Others JIO DIGITAL FIBER PRIVATE LIMITED 0.0957 DFO 22-May-2019
4 Gujarat FP/GJ/ROAD/39818/2019 Construction of Eight lane road (newly declared NH 148N) from Kajaliya village in Ratlam district in the state of Madhya Pradesh to Dodka village in Vadodara district in the state of Gujarat from CH: Road National Highways Authority of India 92.9517 DFO 07-May-2019
5 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/21025/2016 Bhuj District Others IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED 0.9945 DFO 19-Aug-2016
6 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/36533/2018 Proposed 125mm Dia PE Gas Pipeline along/across NH-341 (Bhuj-Khavada-Dharmshal) Road & SH-48 (Bhuj-Mundra) Road at various connectivity in Bhuj City & Its surrounding Area of Kutch (West) GA. Others GUJARAT GAS LIMITED 0.2338 CF 14-Oct-2018
7 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/41086/2019 Diversion of 0.0400 hectare of reserved forest land for religious purpose village:-Kariyana, taluka:-Babra, district:- Amreli, Under jurisdiction of Dy. Conservator of Forests, Gir (East) Division, Dh Others AJEYPRASAD DASJI PRESIDENT OF MINBAI SEVA TRUST BHAVNAGAR 0.04 DFO 09-Jul-2019
8 Gujarat FP/GJ/ROAD/38419/2019 Proposal for diversion of protected forest land for the project of four lanning of Pragatipath section of link road Ahmedabad-Kuha-Kathlal-Balasinor-Godhara-Dahod-Indor Road (Old NH-59) Sonipur juncti Road EXICUTIVE ENGINEER 6.73 DFO 28-Jan-2019
9 Gujarat FP/GJ/ROAD/40501/2019 Widening and Strengthening of Veraval-Talala Road Bit Km 2/0 to 25/3 Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER ROAD AND BUILDING DIVISION GIRSOMNATH 4.87 DFO 06-Jun-2019
10 Gujarat FP/GJ/WATER/41796/2019 Ground Level Drinking Water Tank Drinking Water BHUJ NAGAR SEWA SADAN 0.49 DFO 31-Aug-2019
11 Gujarat FP/GJ/Pipeline/41596/2019 Permission for laying of 12” Ø (304.8 mm Ø) MS Steel, 8” Ø (203.2 mm Ø) MS Steel & 125/90 mm Ø PE Gas Pipeline along various Roads to connect Anaval Village of Mahuva Taluka of Surat district. Pipeline ADANI GAS LTD 2.5275 DFO 13-Aug-2019
12 Gujarat FP/GJ/WATER/27692/2017 Girnar Mountain W.S.S. Drinking Water DEPUTY EXECUTIVE ENGINEER JUNAGADH 0.83 DFO 22-Nov-2017
13 Gujarat FP/GJ/ROAD/31051/2017 Diversion of 2.88 ha. Protected Forest land for the work of construction of cement concrete road and allied works from Panas BRTS to Soham Circle via Bread liner circle road(both Side) Protected Forest Land with the forest department on behalf of Surat Municipal Corporation in Surat dist. of Gujarat. Road SURAT MUNICIPAL CORPORATION 2.88 DFO 28-Dec-2017
14 Gujarat FP/GJ/IND/29375/2017 Hazira Capacity Expansion Project (HCEP/TLU) Industry HAZIRA LNG PRIVATE LIMITED 12 DFO 18-Sep-2019
15 Gujarat FP/GJ/Pipeline/41524/2019 Permission for Laying of Proposed 8” Dia Steel Gas Pipeline Along SH-140 (Limbasi – Sojitra) & Along/Across NH-48 (Ahmedabad - Vadodara) in Matar & Nadiad Talukas of Kheda District. Pipeline GUJARAT GAS LIMITED 0.2188 DFO 07-Aug-2019
16 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/32388/2018 NOFN (Bhuj Nagor) Others RailTel Corporation of India limited 0.54216 DFO 05-Mar-2018
17 Gujarat FP/GJ/ROAD/39343/2019 Four laning of Mitha Tharad Deesa Road ( Section Deesa - Lakhni Road ) Ch. 56/340 to 88/390 Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, BANASKANTHA 42.46625 Nodal Officer 08-Mar-2019
18 Gujarat FP/GJ/OFC/41619/2019 GFGNL Bharat Net Phase-2 Project - Junagadh Optical Fibre Cable GFGNL 0.30645 DFO 15-Aug-2019
19 Gujarat FP/GJ/OFC/41765/2019 GFGNL Bharat Net Phase-ii Optical Fibre Cable GFGNL 2.2208 DFO 26-Aug-2019
20 Gujarat FP/GJ/OFC/41784/2019 GFGNL Bharat Net Phase-ii Optical Fibre Cable GFGNL 1.4695 DFO 27-Aug-2019
21 Gujarat FP/GJ/OFC/41618/2019 GFGNL Bharat Net Phase-2 Project - Junagadh Optical Fibre Cable GFGNL 1.3152 DFO 15-Aug-2019
22 Gujarat FP/GJ/VELEC/42000/2019 Agriculture Electric Connection to Maganbhai Mohanbhai Kamani and other 2 Village Electricity PASCHIM GUJARAT VIJ COMPANY LIMITED 0.16 DFO 11-Sep-2019
23 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/32262/2018 NOFN (Bhuj Dahisara) Others RailTel Corporation of India limited 0.77301 DFO 01-Mar-2018
24 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/21455/2016 National Optical Fiber Network, Mandvi (Kutch) Others RailTel Corporation of India limited 2.257064 DFO 17-Sep-2016
25 Gujarat FP/GJ/Others/17870/2016 NOFN Others RailTel Corporation of India limited 5.68755 DFO 04-Feb-2016
26 Gujarat FP/GJ/Pipeline/42193/2019 Proposal for laying of 12” Ø (304.8 mm Ø) MS Steel Gas Pipeline along SH-7 (Halvad-Dhrangadhra) to Develop city Gas Distribution network in Taluka Dhrangadhra of Surendranagar district. Pipeline ADANI GAS LTD 2.4593 DFO 23-Sep-2019
27 Gujarat FP/GJ/Pipeline/42096/2019 Permission for laying of 6” Ø (152.4 mm Ø) & 4” Ø (101.6 mm Ø) MS Steel Gas Pipeline Along/Across SH-36 (Dhandhuka-Vallabhipur) to Develop city Gas Distribution network in Taluka Barwala of Botad dist Pipeline ADANI GAS LTD 0.1869 DFO 23-Sep-2019
28 Gujarat FP/GJ/Pipeline/42243/2019 Atul Limited Connectivity Pipeline GAIL INDIA LIMITED 0.2908 DFO 26-Sep-2019
29 Gujarat FP/GJ/TRANS/41280/2019 Submission of 21.6360 Hac. Forest land proposal for Diversion for Forest Land proposal for forest clearance for 66KV LILO line for 66kv Jirval sub-station - 2.1690 Hec, & 66KV LILO line for 66KV Nandg Transmission Line GUJARAT ENERGY TRANSMISSION CORP LTD 21.636 DFO 22-Jul-2019
30 Gujarat FP/GJ/Pipeline/42240/2019 Permission for laying of proposed 12" Ø Steel Natural Gas Pipeline underground from TOP ON (EX. Mora-Sachin-Palsana Gas Pipeline) to Maroli - Along/Across SH-6 (Surat-Navsari) and Ashphalt Road (Ubhra Pipeline GUJARAT GAS LIMITED 0.1291 DFO 25-Sep-2019
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