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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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Sno.State NameProposal No.RO/Ministry File NumberProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received electronically at RO/HOView Report on Allocation of Fresh forest land (Form-A) Part-IView Report (Part-II to Part-V and Stage-I Clearances) View TimeLine DetailsOther Related Documents
1 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/TRANS/7737/2014 4-APC009/2015-CHN For laying of 400 kv QMDC line from Jammalamadugu to Narnoor (Kurnool) passing in Giddalur CA block and Bethamcherla RF of Kurnool District Transmission Line EXECUTIVE ENGINEER 400 KV CONSTRUCTION DIVISION APTRANSCO KADAPA 7.3048 IN-PRINCIPLE
02 Jul 2015
2 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/MIN/10972/2015 Quarry lease of black granite over an extent of 4.79 Ha in favour of BKR Granites. Mining BKR GRANITES 4.79 Pending at RO
10 Feb 2017
3 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/ROAD/13573/2015 4/6 laning of Karnataka/Andhra Pradesh Border to Gooty Section of NH-63 from Design Ch 375+740 to Ch 433+030 in the state of Andhra Pradesh Road NATIONAL HIGHWAYS ANANTAPURAMU 3.582 Pending at RO
06 Feb 2017
4 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/TRANS/14620/2015 4-APC027/2016-CHN 400 KV D/C Hindupur to Kadapa Power Transmission Line. Transmission Line POWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD 24.204 IN-PRINCIPLE
20 Dec 2016
5 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/IRRIG/16627/2015 4-APB019-2016-CHN Tarakarama Thirtha Sagaram Reservoir Project Irrigation WATER RESOURCES DEPARTMENT 4.42 IN-PRINCIPLE
08 Sep 2016
6 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/RAIL/17757/2016 4-APA013/2016-CHN Construction of New BG Railway line between Nadikudiand Srikalahasti Stations. Railway DEPUTY CHIEF PROJECT MANAGER WORLD CLASS 118.725 IN-PRINCIPLE
20 Jun 2016

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08 Jul 2016
7 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/ROAD/17950/2016 4-APB012/2016-CHN Up-gradation of NH-565 from Km.294/000 to 361/327 i.e from Vaggampalli to Dornala T-Junction under NHDP-IV Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS GOVT OF INDIA 1.737 IN-PRINCIPLE
01 Jul 2016
8 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/ROAD/19123/2016 4-APB017/2016-CHN Upgradation of NH-67 from Km.695/000 to Km.741/950 (Atmakur to Nellore ) under NHDP-IV Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS GOVT OF INDIA 2.26 IN-PRINCIPLE
06 Sep 2016
9 Andhra Pradesh FP/AP/ROAD/19784/2016 Roads & Buildings Department, EE, NH, Vijayawada. Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS GOVT OF INDIA 22.6388 Pending at RO
07 Feb 2017
10 Assam FP/AS/RAIL/7657/2014 3 AS C 028/2015-SHI New BG Railway line from New Maynaguri to Jogighopa Railway NORTH EAST FRONTIER RAILWAY 29.855 IN-PRINCIPLE
07 May 2015
11 Assam FP/AS/IND/16231/2015 F.No. 3-AS B 061/2016-SHI Dirok Field Development Project Industry OIL INDIA LIMITED 4.8444 IN-PRINCIPLE
30 Nov 2016
22 Sep 2016
13 Bihar FP/BR/Others/8755/2014 FP/BR/Others/8755/2014 Stadium construction at sapneri village Others BDO KHIZARSARAI 0.48564 IN-PRINCIPLE
19 Dec 2014
14 Bihar FP/BR/Others/14408/2015 FP/BR/others/14408/2015 0.013875 Others Indian Oil Corporation Limited 0.013875 IN-PRINCIPLE
13 Oct 2015
15 Bihar FP/BR/Others/14518/2015 FP/BR/others/14518/2015 Essar Oil Ltd. Retail Outlet Others Essar Oil Limited 0.024 IN-PRINCIPLE
22 Sep 2015
16 Bihar FP/BR/Others/17198/2015 FP/BR/others/17198/2015 0.0180 Others ESSAR OIL LTD 0.018 IN-PRINCIPLE
18 Feb 2016
17 Bihar FP/BR/Others/17254/2015 FP/BR/Others/17254/2015 Retail Outlet Others Essar Oil Limited 0.01425 IN-PRINCIPLE
03 Jun 2016
03 Feb 2016
19 Bihar FP/BR/Others/17379/2016 FP/BR/others/17379/2016 Retail Outlet Others Essar Oil Limited 0.012375 IN-PRINCIPLE
10 Feb 2016
20 Bihar FP/BR/Others/17691/2016 FP/BR/others/17691/2016 Retail Outlet Petrol Pump Others SARITA KUMARI 0.0239 IN-PRINCIPLE
23 Feb 2016
21 Bihar FP/BR/Others/17865/2016 FP/BROthers/17865/2016 Jagdishpur-Haldiya PIpeline and spurlines -Phase-I (Bihar Section) Others GAIL INDIA LIMITED 4.155 IN-PRINCIPLE
13 Dec 2016
22 Bihar FP/BR/Others/18064/2016 FP/BR/Others/18064/2016 0.0165 Others SUPERNA SAH 0.0165 IN-PRINCIPLE
02 Mar 2016
23 Bihar FP/BR/Others/18228/2016 FP/BR/Others/18228/2016 Ultratech Cement Pvt. Ltd. 0.77 Ha Others ULTRATECH CEMENT PVT LTD 0.77 IN-PRINCIPLE
02 Jun 2016
24 Bihar FP/BR/Others/18795/2016 Retail Outlet Others PANKAJ KUMAR SINGH 0.39 Pending at RO
07 Feb 2017
25 Bihar FP/BR/Others/18801/2016 FP/BR/Others/18801/2016 Retail Outlet Others PRIYANKA SINGH 0.02444 IN-PRINCIPLE
02 Jun 2016
26 Bihar FP/BR/Others/18849/2016 FP/BR/Others/18849/2016 Retail Outlet Others SHAKTI KUMAR 0.0133 IN-PRINCIPLE
02 Jun 2016
27 Bihar FP/BR/ROAD/19892/2016 FP/BR/ROAD/19892/2016 NH-30 & NH-19 of Koilwar-Babura-Chapra (2.85-12.05 KM) Road Road BIHAR RAJYA PUL NIRMAN NIGAM LTD 10.35 IN-PRINCIPLE
05 Aug 2016
28 Bihar FP/BR/Others/19910/2016 FP/BR/Others/19910/2016 Retail Outlet Others SANJEET HAZARI 0.012 IN-PRINCIPLE
24 Aug 2016
29 Bihar FP/BR/Others/20025/2016 FP/BR/Others/20025/2016 Retail Outlet Others SULEKHA KUMARI 0.0232 IN-PRINCIPLE
14 Dec 2016
30 Bihar FP/BR/Others/20046/2016 BPCL Retail Outlet Others NARAD BAITHA 0.00735 Pending at RO
06 Feb 2017
31 Bihar FP/BR/Others/20345/2016 Retail Outlet Others GOPAL SHARAN 0.018303 Pending at RO
03 Feb 2017
32 Bihar FP/BR/Others/20581/2016 The road side land 0.0416 ha required only for the proposal to use as a approach road so that the vehicle can reach to retail outlet will supply petrol/Diesel to local people. Farmer for vehicle, pump sets. etc. Others RABINDRA KUMAR SHAHI 0.0416 Pending at RO
06 Feb 2017
33 Bihar FP/BR/Others/21419/2016 The road side land 0.012 ha required only. Others ASHISH JAISWAL 0.012 Pending at RO
06 Feb 2017
34 Bihar FP/BR/Others/22898/2016 FP/BR/Others/22898/2016 BPCL Retail Outlet The road side land 0.0123 ha required only for the proposal to use as a approach road so that the vehicle can reach to retail outlet will supply petrol/Diesel to local people. Farmer for vehicle, pump sets. etc. Others RAVI KANT 0.0123 IN-PRINCIPLE
20 Dec 2016
35 Bihar FP/BR/Others/23218/2016 The road side land 0.0375 ha required only for the proposal to use as a approach road so that the vehicle can reach to retail outlet will supply petrol/Diesel to local people. Farmer for vehicle, pump sets. etc. Others ABHISHEK KUMAR G 0.0375 Pending at RO
06 Feb 2017
36 Bihar FP/BR/ROAD/23857/2017 Two Laning with paved shoulders from NH82 Biharsharif-Barbigha-Mokama Section in the State of Bihar Road NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA PIU PATNA 42.6362 Pending at RO
09 Feb 2017
37 Chhattisgarh FP/CG/TRANS/9820/2015 FC-II/CH-26/2015-NGP 400kV D/C Transmission Line from Balco to PGCIL Dharamjaygarh Pooling station at Bhaisma, Dist: Korba. Transmission Line BALCO 17.245 IN-PRINCIPLE
01 Dec 2015
38 Chhattisgarh FP/CG/TRANS/11237/2015 FC-I/CH-57/2016-NGP Proposed 132/33 KV S/s Kodatarai Transmission Line CSPTCL 1.8 IN-PRINCIPLE
06 Dec 2016
39 Chhattisgarh FP/CG/TRANS/11741/2015 FC-II/CH-38/2016-NGP 132 KV DCSS BHANUPRATAPPUR-PAKHANJUR LINE Transmission Line CSPTCL 40.426 IN-PRINCIPLE
26 Nov 2016
40 Chhattisgarh FP/CG/TRANS/17263/2015 construction of approx 35 km LILO of 132 KV Vishrampur-Pratappur line from loc no. 31/0 to proposed 132/33 KV S/s Wadrafnagar Transmission Line CSPTCL 19.907 Pending at RO
08 Dec 2016
22 Sep 2016
42 Chhattisgarh FP/CG/TRANS/22299/2016 CONSTRUCTION OF 132 KV TRANSMISSION LINE FOR PROPOSED 132/33 KV SUBSTATION RAJPUR (CG) Transmission Line CSPTCL 18.204 Pending at RO
20 Dec 2016
43 Dadar & Nagar Haveli FP/DN/ROAD/14983/2015 7-5/3-FD/560 Development of Vadodara -Mumbai Expressway (Phase-I ) from km 104+700 (km 390+864 of NH8) to Km 378+722 (km 80 of Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway) in the State of Gujarat, Maharashtra & Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli (Total length 274.022 km) Road NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY OF INDIA-PIU SURAT 0.54 IN-PRINCIPLE
07 Dec 2016
44 Delhi FP/DL/RAIL/6542/2014 8B-Dl-07/01/2014 Construction of Vinod Nagar Depot for Metro Rail Transit System Railway DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION 19.9 IN-PRINCIPLE
29 Sep 2014
45 Goa FP/GA/ROAD/14099/2015 4-GOB 1053/2015-BAN Design & Construction of bridge connecting Keri to Tiracol over river Tiracol including approaches Road GOA STATE INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD. 0.2884 IN-PRINCIPLE
13 Oct 2015
46 Goa FP/GA/ROAD/14950/2015 4-GOB 1084/2016-BAN Four Laning of NH-4A between KM 118/00 to 125/00 Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 0.9959 IN-PRINCIPLE
10 Feb 2016
47 Goa FP/GA/Others/17535/2016 4-GOB1100/2016-BAN Development of Greenfield International Airport at Mopa in Goa Others GOVERNMENT OF GOA 0.1133 IN-PRINCIPLE
01 Nov 2016
48 Goa FP/GA/ROAD/18652/2016 4-GOC1102/2016-BAN Construction of Missing Link -4-lane Highway along with paved shoulder from km. 11/680 to km. 14/020 and up-gradation of existing stretch of 2-lane Highway to 4-lane from km. 14/020 to km. 15/520 with paved shoulder of NH-17B on Loutolim Village of Verna Industrial Estate of Salcete Taluka in Goa State on EPC mode. Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 5.18 IN-PRINCIPLE
01 Dec 2016
49 Goa FP/GA/QRY/19207/2016 Tree felling in Nanu Industries Quarry lease Quarrying NANU 5 Pending at RO
18 Oct 2016
50 Gujarat FP/GJ/TRANS/5927/2014 6-GJB016/2016-BHO Diversion Proposal of Forest Land for 400KV D/C KAPP(NPP) to VAPI Transmission Line Transmission Line POWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD 2.162 IN-PRINCIPLE
22 Mar 2016
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