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List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)
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1 Maharashtra FP/MH/REHAB/144503/2021 8-07/2022-FC Rehabilitation of Village Vele from Koyana Wildlife Sanctuary i.e. core area of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve. Rehabilitation DY. CONSERVATOR OF FOREST SATARA 112.25 Pending at HO

2 Maharashtra FP/MH/REHAB/143272/2021 8-11/2022-FC Proposal for Diversion of Forest land of Village - Bahule, Tal. Patan, Kharade, Helgaon, Hanbarwadi, Gosavewadi, Tal. Karad, Dist. Satara for rehabilitation of Male village from Chandoli National Park Rehabilitation DY. CONSERVATOR OF FOREST SATARA 227.9 Pending at HO

3 Maharashtra FP/MH/REHAB/39365/2019 8-31/2019-FC Rehabilitation of Rantalodhi Village Rehabilitation DY DIRECTOR TATR CORE CHANDRAPUR 374.75 IN-PRINCIPLE

EDS(Addl. Info) :
27 Nov 2019

factsheet :
25 Feb 2020

EDS(Addl. Info) :
20 Apr 2020

EDS(Addl. Info) :
12 May 2020

EDS(Addl. Info) :
16 Sep 2021

EDS(Addl. Info) :
03 Feb 2022

EDS(Addl. Info) :
10 Feb 2022

Brief Agenda :
06 May 2022

4 Maharashtra FP/MH/MIN/9538/2015 8-10/2018-FC Penganga Opencast Mine Mining WESTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED 46.04 IN-PRINCIPLE

Factsheet :
21 Mar 2018

EC File No.: J-11015/46/2009-IA.II(M)
Proposal Status: EC Granted
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